Real Bookie – Never Lose Another Client to an Offshore Sportsbook Ever

Real Bookies has made a very strong name for themselves, emerging as the dominant player in providing the best pay per head solutions for sportsbooks, racebooks and casinos.

This company has made it possible to enjoy more free time which includes less legal exposure. Real Bookie offers a two week free trial period to all new bookies and individuals looking to host their sports betting action offshore.

Real Bookie uses the DGS software, which is very user friendly and gives the client a lot of wagering options, player profiling capabilities as well as endless reports. The client will be able to login once and use the same account balance whether they’re wagering on a sporting event, wagering on horses or playing a casino game.

With Real Bookie you will have:

– Fully customizable website – you can modify the colors, logos, layout and design to suit your requirements

– Preference-based odds display

– Automatic event grading

– Automatic wagering assistant

– Player selects tracks

– Database of horse racing related information such as entries, scratches, post-times, results, payouts

– Automatic update of scratched entries and of race results and payout and automatic grading of races

– Easy to use wagering interface

– Hints via mouseover on many casino games that educate the player on different bets and payouts

– Decent casino games selection, including blackjack, roulette, stud poker and numerous video poker and slot machine games with a rich graphical interface and based in quick-loading Java format

– Power bet function that lets the players place chips with the click of the mouse or drag and drop, depending on their preference

Real Bookies offers exceptional customer service, competitive rates and gaming experience. Overall they’re a complete pay per head service. This along with the first two weeks free offer makes Real Bookie the best alternative when searching for pay per head options.

They were voted the best pay per head site on Techtimes pay per head list.

Real Bookie’s fees are better than the standard industry rates. Only $10 per head (same price for 1 or 1000 players). Pay only for active players (players who made a bet).


Deposit Methods

  1. P2P transfers
  2. Bank Draft
  3. Bitcoin
  4. and others

Withdrawal Methods

  1. P2P transfers
  2. Bank Draft
  3. Bitcoin
  4. and others