Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: NFL Offseason Specials

NFL offseason specials are a great way to keep your football research fresh.

NFL Offseason Specials

The summer months bring a temporary lull to the sports betting calendar. While there is still plenty of betting action on the board. More than a few avid fans are simply biding their time until the new NFL season gets underway.

Over the last several years, betting on the biggest professional sports betting league in the US has turned into a year-round affair. Backed by the global offshore sportsbook industry. The sheer amount of ways to bet on the NFL during the offseason months has become staggering.

Once the actual NFL regular season schedule has been released, you will find betting lines posted for all 16 Week 1 games. Taking things one step further. Many offshore sportsbooks open up the football betting markets for NFL spreads covering every week of the upcoming season.

No Limitations When Betting Offshore

The offseason betting action does not stop there. Oddsmakers at offshore sportsbooks do not have any limitations in place when it comes to setting up NFL futures and special prop bet options.

This is one of the biggest ways that offshore books continue to promote their early NFL betting boards. They’re always fighting against US-based sportsbook operators.

With the only limit being an oddsmaker’s imagination, there is no telling what you might find as NFL betting options on an offshore book’s preseason board.

Whether it is Tom Brady coming out of retirement or Russell Wilson jump starting his career in Denver. You will find unique NFL prop betting options covering the league’s biggest trending topics.


NFL Offseason Specials – Props

Special NFL props have become a specialty betting market for offshore books looking to provide a point of difference for their loyal betting customers. The global operators are run by sports betting experts that have a keen understanding of what US sports fans are looking for.

US-based operators have done their best to try and keep pace. But in certain situations their hands remained tied.

These books are regulated by each individual US state where they operate. The rules and regulations in one state may be different than the ones in another.

This creates some noticeable inconsistencies on the betting board across the entire market.

Open Jurisdictions Create Endless Possibilities

Operating in favorable jurisdictions such as Costa Rica, global offshore books have free rein to expand their betting markets across a wide range of sports leagues. This difference becomes rather noticeable as it pertains to betting on a league as popular as the NFL. That is why avid NFL betting fans still turn to offshore books when it comes to offseason NFL wagering options.

The most effective course of action for finding the best betting value in offseason NFL options is to search the actual boards at your favorite global online books. You will find quite a few similarities from one online book to the next. However, you will also find a wide range of NFL betting options that are unique to each particular offshore site.

Build your budget for NFL offseason bets and put together a winning strategy that will pay some lucrative dividends as the new regular season plays itself out. You will also have the ability to double down on these early bets in favorable situations. As well as hedge any bets that may not be going as expected.