Is Your Sportsbook Keeping Pace With Your Sports Betting Strategy?

Is your sportsbook keeping pace with you? It was not all that long ago when betting the point spread, total line or money line comprised almost all the weekly action taken in by an online sportsbook.


Ways Your Sportsbook is Keeping Pace

That is still true today, to a certain extent. Straight bets on a point spread or total line for football and basketball still makes up the majority of an online sportsbook’s weekly handle. However, more and more sports bettors are looking for other ways to add both variety and diversity to their sports betting strategy.

Depending on how long you have been betting on sports, you probably still think of the NFL’s annual Super Bowl when you think of prop bets. Once considered a novelty bet, online sportsbooks have dramatically expanded the betting options for wagering on props.

First off, prop bet options are now available for every game covering a wide range of sports. They are also released in conjunction with any sporting event that offers betting opportunities. You need to check out the betting variety at sportsbook.

Your Sportsbook Must Offer Live Betting

Another online sportsbook innovation growing rapidly with the betting public is live in-game betting. It’s another way your sportsbook keeping pace matters. This give you the chance to wager on a game after the opening kickoff, tip, drop of the puck or first pitch.

There is nothing more exciting than wagering on a matchup as it plays itself out on the field, court or ice. As a true test of your sports handicapping skills, you also have the chance to bet on what happens next in a game. 

Live in-game betting can be used to double down on any previous bets when things are going your way. They can also be used as hedge when a game gets off to a start that is not going as planned.

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Sportsbook Keeping Pace – Live Props

The next generation of live in-game prop betting is breaking things down on an even smaller scale of time. Referred to as micro betting, certain online sportsbooks will let you wager on the next play of a football game or the next pitch in a baseball game.

A wider range of betting leagues coupled with even more betting markets is the future of the sports betting industry. Today’s online books need the technical ability to keep up with the times. They also need to take a more innovative approach to enhancing a betting strategy. This is an excellent way to attract bettors to their online betting site or mobile app.

As with anything in life, as more and more end-users gravitate toward a product or service, they will become the driving force for consistent change and improvement of those very same products and services.

Sportsbook Keeping Pace – Go Mobile

Just think of how you first used a mobile phone and how you use it now. Mobile sportsbook apps are another driving force in the online sports betting industry. Wagers placed though mobile betting apps account for more than 90 percent of all the wagers placed these days.

Form, function and ease of use are all important features of any mobile sports betting app. Reliability should also be on that list along with the scope and range of the betting options offered.

A varied and diverse sports betting strategy is your best edge against the house. Why bet $50 on one NFL game that is a win, lose or draw situation. You can improve your winning percentage and return on investment by betting $10 on five different options tied to that same game.