Sportsbook Rules | Betting Super Bowl Props

The NFL Super Bowl turns 53 in early February this year and over all those years it has grown into the biggest game of the year. More recently, it has turned into the biggest single-day sports betting event on the 12-month calendar. The two driving forces behind this incredible phenomenon are online sportsbooks and prop bets.

The number of online books taking action on the Super Bowl along with the list of prop bet options for the Super Bowl each number in the hundreds. As you continue to put your overall Super Bowl LIII betting strategy into place, your top priorities start with finding the right online sportsbook to place your prop bets and understanding any rules that apply to these unique type of wagering opportunities.

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Basic props are easy to grade such as which team scores first. Super Bowl props can run the gambit from the OVER/UNDER on how long it takes to sing the National Anthem before the game to what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach after the Super Bowl title has been secured.

While most of the rules for betting props remain standard across the whole online sportsbook industry, you still need to consult the rules section posted on the website of your particular online betting venue.

Just about every book will consider a NFL game to be official after 55 minutes of play. This rule has an impact on any scoring, game or player props covering all four quarters of play. This timing rule does not impact any scoring, game or player props set for individual quarters that have already been completed, including the first half.

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Any play in overtime counts as part of the wagered game in its entirety. Overtime results will be rolled over into the second half or fourth quarter depending on the nature of the prop. Props for the fourth quarter as a stand-alone increment of time will not include overtime. For example, first score of the fourth quarter. Any props concerning the final score of the game will include overtime.

Overall player performances in terms of yards gained will include the overtime results. Any player props specific to an individual quarter will not be impacted by overtime.

Here’s a sportsbook rules page from an top online sportsbook.

To help clarify prop bets that could be impacted by a game tied at the end of regulation, most props will designate how any results in overtime would impact that outcome in the original listing on its betting board.

Once all game stats are deemed official by the NFL, betting props impacted by these stats will be graded accordingly. For example, the OVER/UNDER on Tom Brady’s overall passing yards. Most books will site the official national broadcast as the means to grade certain props. For example, the Yes/No prop bet for will a halftime performer be wearing a hat?

The top online books do an excellent job at relaying information on how certain props will be graded, but it is still a buyer beware situation if you are betting on a prop that could be tough to verify on your own. An example of this would be, how many times will a team’s head coach throw his headset on the ground?

All props are graded at the discretion of the sportsbook accepting the bet. While most props do have black and white results with a clear winning or losing result, the Super Bowl is one of those special betting events that could have some gray area considering the nature of the bet.

A general strategy betting Super Bowl props would be to stick with the ones that have a clear and definitive outcome that can easily be documented.