Market Multiple Betting Markets With Pay Per Head


If you want your bookie business to succeed, it’s important to market multiple betting markets

Things can get pretty hairy for private bookies towards the end of the calendar sports year. Especially the final two months of 2021 with the return to normal for every major betting sport and sporting event. However, this presents an incredible opportunity to end the year with a bang.

Market Multiple Betting Markets – Sports Leagues Worldwide

Private bookies sometimes struggle with the process of managing action on multiple betting leagues at the same time. However, you never want to leave money on the table by only focusing on the most popular betting sports.

With the right pay per head sports betting software provider by your side, you should be focusing your energy on marketing multiple betting leagues to your active betting base in November and December and beyond.

College football and basketball will join the NFL, NBA and NHL on the active betting board. There is a ton of money to be made by maxing out your betting options for all five leagues. You can throw in international soccer leagues, golf, boxing and MMA fighting as a few other opportunities to build weekly profit.

Build Your Betting Board Today

Real Benefits of Pay Per Head Bookie Support

The benefit of working with the right pay per head site to market multiple betting leagues is added professional support. 

A quality pay per head bookie services site is going to offer safe and reliable online service. It will also offer a comprehensive software solutions package that can fully automate your bookie business while operating it online.

A big benefit of an advanced internal operating system coupled with sophisticated operating software is time management. Since you do not have to focus all of your attention on the administrative end of the business, you can spend more time on the sales and marketing end of things.

That same top-rated pay per head site also offers professional business support through an in-house staff of industry experts. This group covers effective IT solutions, betting board management, player management and ongoing customer service.

Real Trick to Market Multiple Betting Markets

Too many private bookies get caught up in the size of their active betting base. There is a common belief that bigger is better. That thought process needs to be tweaked a bit to “bigger bettors is the best way to go.”

It is much more lucrative to have 10 active bettors averaging $1000 a week in wagers than 100 active bettors averaging $100 a week. The overall betting handle remains the same but you are now managing 10x more players at 10x more in pph fees.

The fact that top-rated PPH services only charge a set weekly fee per active player promotes the idea of an active betting base with higher individual weekly handles.

Always Use a Top-Rated PPH Service

Higher volume bettors tend to wager on a larger amount of leagues through a wider array of betting options. This plays right into the strategy when you market multiple betting markets.

You need to spread out the action across a number of different sports and leagues. Then you can also enhance the hold on the weekly betting volume taken in. The difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money plus 10% juice collected on losing bets is how you make your money.

A higher hold on multiple betting leagues with lower pay per head weekly costs sound like a winning formula for any private bookmaker.