How to Prepare for Betting Basketball

Prepare for betting basketball this season.

Key Points

– Basketball bettors need to prepare for success.

– There are a number of strategies basketball bettors can use to be successful.

How to Prepare for Betting Basketball

If you bet on basketball on a regular basis, whether on the college basketball betting markets or the NBA or both, you should evaluate the process that you use. There are a number of straightforward recommendations that you can implement in order to raise the proportion of times that you are successful. 

You also have the option of getting help from one of the many skilled handicappers in the industry. There are some straightforward actions that you can take right now to improve your financial standing in college and NBA basketball betting.

Betting Basketball – Place Your Bets Early

On game days, lines are usually released between 8 and 9 ET in the morning. In these early lines, mistakes can often be made because of the lack of information. Oddsmakers and bettors alike are able to access more information as the day progresses leading up to the tip-off of a game. 

The oddsmakers will eventually adjust those initial lines, but in the meantime, if you are able to profit from a mistake, betting early will often give you an advantage. In the past ten years, a win rate of 53.02 percent has been achieved by beating the closing line by one point. After that, the win rate will increase by an additional two percent for every half-point that is added. That makes betting basketball early a worthwhile strategy. 


Scheduling Advantages

Even though the NBA makes significant efforts to reduce the number of games played on back-to-back nights, teams still play an average of 3.5 such games per season. 

There are going to be a few different teams each season that will have to play four games in the span of five nights. In addition to that, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has introduced the two-game series, which consists of consecutive games played in the same arena between the same two teams. 

During the 2021 season, the team that lost Game 1 of a two-game series went 27-14-12 against the spread in Game 2. If you go back two seasons, the combined record of such teams is 

College Basketball – Narrow the Field

If you are a fan of college basketball betting, then you are aware that there is a significant gap between the best teams in the nation and the worst teams in the country. When compared to the thirty teams in the NBA, the 358 teams in the NCAA Division I present a greater challenge to follow.

Bettors should zero in on a conference so they can narrow the playing field. To be more specific, they should zero in on a conference that is not among the majors and become an authority on just that one conference. 

Bettors who are interested in college basketball should also pay attention to the so-called “Four Factors” that determine winners. College basketball games are typically decided by factors such as shooting percentage, turnovers, offensive and defensive rebounds, and free throws.

More games are won by teams that have a higher effective field goal percentage, a better turnover rate, an offensive rebounding rate that is better than average, and a higher free throw rate. Bettors can frequently find enormous mismatches in these four factors, which allows them to find value in their wagers.

Read Injury Reports

In NBA games, injuries can have a significant effect on the outcome. Because there are only five players on the court at any given time, the loss of just one player can have a much greater impact than an injury would on a football field. The impact is typically quite significant when the player in question happens to be a team’s star player.

Injury reports are available to bettors at all times throughout the day before a game. In the modern era of load management, it is important to keep in mind that players may get a day off every once in a while. 

When it comes to betting basketball, paying attention to these particulars can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Betting Basketball Game Totals

Betting on the total points scored in college basketball and NBA games is very popular. One significant factor has the greatest impact on a game’s overall point total – pace. 

Let’s say that your NBA team has an offensive rating that ranks 18th out of the 30 teams in the league. The very same NBA team is currently ranked third in the league in terms of points scored per game. Is that even possible? 

It is and that’s because of pace. The team played at a frenetic pace and had the highest number of possessions of any team in the league. More possessions means more opportunities to score. It doesn’t mean the team is all that efficient, but pace does affect point totals.

The best thing that bettors can do when betting basketball totals is to check the rankings of the teams and see where they stand in terms of possessions per game. This gives them an idea of pace. Remember, pace is the most important factor to consider when deciding whether to bet Over or Under a game’s total.

Find the Best Lines 

It doesn’t matter what sport you’re betting on, doing some research to find the best lines can make a significant difference. A half-point found at another sportsbook could be the difference between a push and a win. Line shopping is a winning betting strategy that can increase your win rate and, ultimately, your bankroll.

It’s also worth trying to find bets at reduced prices. There are some sportsbooks in existence that have gained popularity solely as a result of their low juice. Finding those bets can have a significant impact on the amount of money in your bankroll.

Keep Tabs on Your Wagers

Tracking your bets is one of the most important things you can do if you want to turn yourself into a successful gambler. Keep tabs on everything, including the spread, the moneyline, the total, and even the prop bets. 

Tracking can be done the modern way by downloading an app that can assist you. Bettors can also do it the traditional way by writing them all down. Identifying strengths and weaknesses will make you a more successful bettor.

Seek Help

If betting basketball was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is no harm in seeking the help of professionals. One of the easiest things a bettor can do is to go out and look for free pro handicapper picks.

There are thousands of handicappers working in the industry today. Many of them offer daily free picks for both the NBA and college basketball. There are a number of knowledgeable handicappers in the industry. They have made it their life’s work to increase the number of people who win money betting on basketball.

If you bet on basketball, following these simple guidelines can help you prepare for a season full of success.