Line Shopping is a Winning Betting Strategy

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together consistent winning when it comes to sports betting? There are some people who are able to win a lot of money on sports betting. You can instantly win more bets by line shopping.

It can be done, and there are a few strategies that handicappers use to dominate the market. 

Great sports betting is done by doing constant research. This exploration doesn’t just include the teams that you’re looking to wager.


It extends to the sportsbooks that you’re placing your bets on as well. This is where line shopping enters the sports betting equation.

If you’re not looking for the best betting line, you’re hurting your chances to win. Doing this is truly a winning betting strategy.

What’s Line Shopping?

Line shopping is when you look at multiple sportsbooks to find the best odds for any given contest. There are websites dedicated to help make line shopping easier by compiling all odds in a single location. However, to successfully line shop, you must have an account with multiple sportsbooks.

Let’s look at an example of line shopping for a basketball game.

Team A is a 10.5-point favorite over Team B on Sportsbook 1. After seeing this, you would decide to start shopping this line.

You look at a few other sportsbooks and find different lines. Sportsbook 2 has Team A at -11.5, but Sportsbook 3 has Team A at -9.5.

If you wanted to take Team A to cover, the best platform for you to bet would be on Sportsbook 3. Team A could win by 10, and your bet would hit on Sportsbook 3, but not 1 or 2.

If you wanted to take Team B to cover, the best location would be on Sportsbook 2. This is because the team could lose by 11, and the bet would still win.

However, if you would’ve placed this bet on Sportsbook A, your bet risk would be paid to the house.


Why is Finding the Best Line Important?

As you can see, line shopping makes a big difference in determining your sports betting success. Examples like this occur every day in the sports betting world.

If you can find a point to put a bet in your favor, it will give you a massive benefit. If you’re not looking for the best betting odds, you’re hurting your chances to win.

People refrain from line shopping because of the perceived effort that it takes to utilize multiple sportsbooks. This process is seamless when you consider the benefit that you’ll receive from line shopping.

The more that you utilize line comparison, the better you will get at the skill. This means it will take you less time to complete successfully.

You’ll have created accounts on multiple sportsbooks, and you’ll be ready to bet. This will give you an understanding of what sites are generous for lines when it comes to different sports.

You never know when line shopping is going to make or break a sports wager. Don’t give yourself a chance to lose because you didn’t spend enough time line shopping.

This is a factor that makes professional handicappers so successful in the world of sports betting. When you are looking to find the right sportsbook to compare lines, make sure you choose wisely.