Start an Online Sportsbook

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, sportsbooks have become viable businesses. Last year, acquisition company Diamond Eagle purchased DraftKings. it is becoming easier to start an online sportsbook.

Diamond Eagle wants to add a sportsbook to DraftKings’ current offerings. They haven’t gone full bore with the plan; major sports are on the sidelines. Still, individuals hoping to start stay-at-home businesses mustn’t wait for major sports competitions to return.

Entrepreneurs looking for a profitable company to run online have options. One of the best is sportsbook ownership.

Sportsbooks are more than sportsbooks

Most consider a sportsbook a place where players wager on sports. For many people, the word “sports” implies a game such as basketball, baseball, football, or hockey. Soccer is a sport. Boxing and mixed-martial arts fighting are sports, as well.

Some people consider politics a sport. Some even believe that predicting the weather is a sport.

The word “sport” can mean all sorts of things, which is why online sportsbooks offer more than traditional sports. Today, online sportsbook ownership means providing wagering services beyond long-established athletic games.

Sportsbook operators offer multiple betting options

Bookies are like restaurateurs. Players visit a bookie’s online establishment where they can study the menu for betting opportunities.

The more betting options, or “en·trées” on the bookie’s list, the more money the sportsbook owner makes.

U.S. sportsbooks used to lose out after football, but not anymore

After football finishes, casual players, who make up the bulk of players in the U.S., wager on the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments. After they wager on the college hoops tournaments, most don’t wager much. Some do, of course, but most wait for the next football season.

Those two sports seasons in the past made up most of a sportsbook’s revenue for the entire year. 2020 has changed that.

2020 sportsbook owners thrive with a casino, horse racing, simulated sports and eSports

In 2020, digital sportsbook owners have succeeded even though no significant games have played after football season. The reason is due to betting options. Casino, horse racing, simulated sports, and eSports have kept sportsbook owners in the black.

All four provide advantages that significant sports do not. The typical horse race takes two minutes and requires $2 for a single win wager. Players can make blackjack bets for $1. They can bet more if they want.

Low minimums allow players to wager for entertainment purposes. That’s what casual players crave.

For those who wish for more traditional type sports betting options, bookies offer simulated sports and eSports. Simulated sports like Madden, NBA2k, and NCAA2k provide virtual games that play out like actual, real, games. eSports wagering is comparable to betting on a hockey or soccer match.

Technology makes sportsbooks the perfect home businesses

Per head companies provide the software that makes sportsbooks superb online home businesses.

Bookies with access to sportsbook software run efficient companies. Those bookies offer eSports, traditional sports, casino, and horse racing through a single interface. Players can wager wherever and whenever they want.

Those who wish to explore sportsbook ownership should contact PayPerHead. The company has been around since 1997; they have the experience to help new sportsbook owners get their businesses up and running.