Building a Strategy Around Free Pro Handicapper Picks

Betting free pro handicapper picks can be a great return on investment.

Free Pro Handicapping Picks

Just about every professional sports handicapper selling a selection package for various sports and sporting events will provide a few free picks now and then. Just like free samples at the deli counter. They are hoping that a small taste of what they have to offer will end up in you buying the whole meal.

Free picks do serve a purpose for recreational sports bettors. High volume betters would just as soon buy the selection package. Their goal is to max-out these weekly picks in an effort to mirror that handicapper’s long-term winning percentage.

The long game in high volume sports betting dictates that a better player will make money even with the added cost of buying the picks. However, this strategy pertains to a much smaller percentage of the entire sports betting market.


Are You a Weekend Warrior?

The majority of today’s players could be classified as weekend warriors. If you are looking to add some action to the biggest games in the biggest betting sports. You probably fall into this category.

Another factor that splits the market is the value of a single betting unit. The highest rollers might be betting $1000 a unit. The avid action junkie might dial things down to $100 a unit given the overall weekly betting volume. The recreational weekend warrior may stick to $10 a unit as an effective money management system.

If you are betting a handful of games a week at $10 a unit. You would be a perfect candidate to use the free betting picks that pros release on a regular basis. However, there are some general guidelines you need to follow in order to get the most out of this betting strategy.

Proven Record When Using Free Pro Handicapping Picks

First and foremost, make sure the free picks are released by an actual professional handicapper. Given the sheer number of online sports betting information sites that are out there, it is easy to find free picks.

Many of these picks are part of a game preview written by an experienced sports betting writer. These previews can offer some excellent insight into the game at hand but the actual game pick is no more valuable than flipping a coin.

Use only trusted sports handicappers

What you are really looking for is free picks released by real pros. These are not as easy to come by. Pro handicappers do not go out of their way to give their services for free. The best way to find any free picks they do release is to find the betting sites where they sell their selection packages.

Fine Tune Your Strategy

Once you find a legitimate resource for valid free sports picks, you need to further fine-tune that search to no more than three pro handicappers. This lets you follow their picks, bet on those picks and then track your results. Keep in mind that this is a long-term process. 

Chances remain high that any free pro handicapper picks you decide to follow, bet and track will go through some lucrative winning streaks and some costly dry spells. That is just the nature of sports betting in general. That is why you need to limit this strategy to no more than three pros. 

By following their picks at first, you can get a good feel for each pro’s hot and cold spells. Once you start betting these picks. You can then track your individual results and overall winning percentage to further manage this betting strategy. Free pro handicapper picks can be an easy way to increase your ROI.