Professional Sports Handicappers: The Tale of the Tape

You have decided to get serious about your sports betting strategy, and using one of the top professional sports handicappers is sound advice.

Most bettors do not have the extra time to devote to properly handicapping the games. One proven way to improve your overall winning percentage is by turning to a pro for your betting picks.

Professional handicappers offer selection packages at a price. This may sound like cheating or taking a shortcut to some die-hard sports bettors. Yet, if you are serious about generating a much better return on investment even with the added cost of buying your picks, this is a viable alternative.


The real trick is finding the right pro to meet your needs. The following four categories should help to further clarify some of the parameters for that search.

Industry Longevity – Professional Sports Handicappers

A long-standing record of success as a pro handicapper is a testament to proven results. This is not to say that some young gun with a hot hand should be ignored. However, it is one thing to win more than 60% of your selections over the course of a year or two. It is a whole new ball game to work with a pro that has posted one winning season after another.

It will probably cost you more to go with the best handicappers in the nation but at least you already know what you are paying for.

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High Unit Plays

The best pros make their living on the success of their high-unit plays. These are the picks that draw the most attention because they offer the highest return. They are also the picks that most pro handicappers use to define their success. 

You still have to remember that there are no such things as “locks” betting sports. The sweet spot for pros is their running record for 6, 7 or 8-unit plays. You can use these results as an apple-to-apple comparison between a group of pros you may be looking at. 

You should always consider these high-unit records over different timeframes such as one week, one month and one sports season.  The best pros will release their results for high-unit plays by sport and by season.


Geographic Region

It is always smart to align a pro’s geographic region with yours. Most of the top pros release plays across every region of the country. Yet, these will still be some East Coast bias for a pro in New Jersey verse a pro on the West Coast.

Most sports bettors like to watch the games they bet on. This is also something to take into consideration when it comes to working with a pro. Unless you are a complete night owl, living in the East and betting games out West could be detrimental to keep tabs on the bets you placed.

The best course of action is finding pros that will provide detailed information on the picks they release. This will let you easily detect any potential bias towards a specific geographic region. This is especially relevant betting college football and basketball in terms of actual conferences.

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Professional Sports Handicappers – Actual Betting Sport

The top professional sports handicappers will handicap every major betting sport and release their selections accordingly. However, these same pros probably have a favorite sport where they have excelled when it comes to their winning percentage.

It makes perfect sense to use one pro for college football and a different one for NFL games. Most selection packages are offered in terms of daily, weekly and monthly picks for a particular college sport of professional sports league.