Make the Most of March Madness With the Right Pay Per Head Site

Ask yourself, do you have the right pay per head site for the most bet sporting event?

This time last year, private bookies were left scrambling to fill the void left by the cancelled college basketball postseason. Back and bigger than ever, the pent-up demand for betting on all the March Madness action is going to be high.

Loaded Schedule

From Championship Week right up to Selection Sunday, betting all the conference tournaments can generate a high handle and high hold. The main attraction of March Madness gets underway the following week with the opening two rounds of the annual NCAA Tournament.


That schedule offers 32 games on Thursday and Friday. Plus another 16 games over the weekend to take the original 68-team field and reduce it to the Sweet 16.

Bracketology: 2021 NCAA tournament field predicted, through March 7

The rest of the tournament plays itself out over the next two weeks with the 2021 national title game set for Monday, April 5. The right pay per head site will be worth it’s weight in gold during this period.

With the right pay per head bookie services site by your side, you can turn the entire month of March into a very lucrative money-making proposition. If you have the wrong PPH service handling the administrative end of your bookie business, you will be leaving quite a bit of money on the table.

One of the most important aspects of any pay per head site is consistent reliability. Their job is to fully automate your bookie business while also processing every transaction online. 

Any downtime, even if it only lasts a couple hours, will quickly erode confidence in your ability to book everyone of your customer’s bets. Your pay per head site’s performance is a direct reflection of the bookie services you provide.

Along with reliability, processing all those online transactions in a safe and secure manner is as equally important. Even a small breach in online security could lead to severe issues that cannot be easily resolved.

Sharp Betting Lines

Another important aspect of your bookie services provider is gaining fast and easy access to sharp betting lines.

The sheer volume of NCAAB games in the early rounds of both conference tournaments and the NCAA Tournament is motivation. You need to quickly build out your board to meet the betting needs of your entire customer base.

You also need the proper software tools to manage your betting board. That’s another major reason why the right pay per head site is so important. Through the use of real time betting analytics, you can move your betting lines. You can make changes to your betting board as needed.

Along with the ability to make instant changes across the board, you should be able to adjust both betting and credit limits on an account-by-account basis. These are the type of management tools that give you the necessary level of control to manage your overall bookie business.

The Right Pay Per Head Site has Expanded Betting Menus

One final aspect of a quality pay per head service for March Madness 2021 is an expanded menu of betting options to expand the action on the games.

NCAAB futures, individual game props, live in-game betting options are all good examples of how to increase your weekly betting handle without having to increase your customer base. The added betting action will create a direct boost to your overall hold and bottom-line profit.

Do have some concerns with your current PPH service? It has never been easier to switch over to a quality provider with zero disruption to your business. Most of the best sites will provide an account manager that can walk you step-by-step through the seamless changeover process.