Analyzing College Basketball Betting Markets

College basketball season has arrived, and that means big payouts are in a lot of bettors’ futures. However, not everyone will experience this same luck. To give you the best chance of winning, lets take a look at college basketball betting markets.

Even though many people think betting is luck, there is a lot of skill involved. To be a successful college basketball bettor, you need to analyze the betting markets. If you take the tips listed below, your college basketball betting future will be very bright.


Here are my biggest tips for analyzing college basketball betting markets.

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

The best bettors use multiple sportsbooks, especially when it comes to college basketball. There are 350 Division I college basketball programs in the country. This creates a lot of matchups, and not everyone uses the same odds.

It may seem inconvenient to have money in and use multiple sportsbooks. This isn’t the case. Using multiple sportsbooks will increase your winnings drastically because you’ll find favorable odds.

College basketball games come down to the wire every night. An extra point on a spread can be the difference between a winning and losing bet. Multiple bets give you a chance to take advantage of difficult college basketball betting markets.

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Watch the Games

It’s impossible to watch every team in the country since there are 350 programs. However, you should watch as much basketball as possible during the season.

If you love betting a specific conference, pay attention to those teams closely. Statistics and articles can tell you a lot about a basketball program.

However, you won’t find better evidence of how a team plays than by watching them yourself. Don’t forget how critical this is to successfully bet on college basketball.

Find Trends in the Statistics

Trends tell us a lot about how a team is playing. Don’t just look at a team’s overall record. This will lead to more losses than wins.

You need to look at smaller statistical categories. Examples of this could be a team’s away record, spread record, over/under record, record against the Top 25, and so much more.

There are so many statistical tools at our fingertips to create long-term winning. You need to use this information to successfully bet on the college basketball betting markets. If this all seems a little too much for you, maybe consider checking out our free picks. We don’t always provide NCAAB picks, but we do give winning picks daily.

If a team hasn’t covered in eight of their last 10, ride with this stat. Don’t neglect the other required research, but these tells make it easier to analyze college hoops.

Specialize in an Area of College Basketball

Never place a bet on a whim. If you do this, you’re just giving money to the house. If you want to win, focus on one area of college basketball.

This can be a conference or region of the country. The scope of this can vary by how much time you have to put into betting.

If you’re able to watch one conference consistently, you’ll win more than by betting on unfamiliar teams. At the end of the day, betting is about winning.

It doesn’t matter if you’re betting a single conference. This will allow you to easily analyze the market and make smart choices to win big.

Good luck this season!