Simple March Madness Handicapping Tips

It’s time for some March Madness handicapping tips.

The 2022 NCAA Tournament

March is the time of the year when just about every sports bettor is looking to add some college basketball action to the mix. The online sportsbook industry is more than accommodating with a full lineup of betting options covering all the games all month long.

Once you have carved out your college basketball betting bankroll to cover the entire month of March, it is time to get serious about developing a handicapping and betting strategy to earn a positive return on that investment.

Every college basketball team in the nation has an extensive resume of regular season games played heading into postseason play. As they say, “it is what it is” when it comes to the overall results.

March Madness Handicapping Tips – Fundamentals

A 10-0 straight-up run to start the season has little bearing on a five-game losing streak over a team’s last five regular season conference games. Current playing form is the No. 1 indicator for a team’s potential in postseason play.

Solid form is not a light switch that can be turned on and off. This concept is especially true in a single-elimination format such as each postseason conference tournament and the NCAA Tournament itself.

Game fundamentals such as defense and offense are still important to the handicapping process. However, a team’s current playing form brings all of those individual aspects together in one cohesive bond.

Recent History Matters

Another aspect of play that factors into playing form is “winner’s win.”

A Mid-Major team riding an extended winning streak becomes an attractive bet regardless of the teams it has beat.

Major programs stumbling into postseason play are automatically suspect. The biggest red flag is an early exit from that team’s respective conference tournament.

The pressure of playing in the NCAA Tournament is always heavier on the favored team. Underdogs in this tournament already know that they are playing with house money. When nobody expects you to win, all the pressure to win is gone.

Along those same lines, you should never try and force upsets into your NCAA Tournament picks. Everyone knows that a No. 12 seed eliminating a No. 5 seed is a strong possibility. Yet, you still need to handicap these types of matchups to determine where the best chance for an upset exists.

Coaching & March Madness Handicapping Tips

Coaching is another important aspect of the handicapping process. When it comes to proven March Madness handicapping tips, coaching matters.

Head coaches with a proven track record of success in postseason play know how to get their team ready for the rigors of tournament play. Solid coaching becomes a major bonus for teams that are already playing at a high level.

Another simple tip for handicapping college basketball games in March is tuning out all the outside noise. Every digital sports media property has a team of college basketball experts predicting the outcome of every game played. All this outside noise can become a major distraction when it comes to the true essence of the handicapping process.

Maybe you like to bet favorites. The best way to bet postseason college basketball is through the use of the posted spread. If a team is as good as you think it is, covering the spread should not be an issue. 

If you like to bet underdogs, wager on the money line odds. This offers the best return on your money when your instincts are on the mark. Here’s to hoping this has you one your way to betting outcomes with these March Madness handicapping tips.

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