NHL Pro Picks for 2nd Half of Season

Are you looking to buy NHL pro picks? Earlier last month, the NHL staged its annual All-Star Game. This traditionally marks the end of the first half of the 82-game regular season. Regardless of how many games each of the teams have played. This also marks the start of the chase for a Stanley Cup title.

NHL Pro Picks Basics

By the time the NHL All-Star game rolls around, fans who love to bet on hockey already know which teams are legitimate contenders. As well as which ones are already riding out the string.

The NHL is not the biggest US professional sports betting league. However, betting NHL games offers some tremendous value when it comes to betting on their outcome.

The three basic bets on a hockey game start with money line odds. These odds are based on a straight-up result in any head-to-head matchup. There is more financial risk tied to betting on the favorite and there is a higher potential return betting on underdogs.

The NHL total line is another popular bet based on the OVER or UNDER on the combined score. There is a much tighter range of potential total lines in hockey ranging from five goals on the low end up to 6.5 goals on the high end.

Betting the NHL Puck Line

The third most common way to wager on an NHL game is through the puck line. This is a combination of a static 1.5-goal spread between the favorite and the underdog and an adjusted money line. The favorite needs to win the game by two or more goals to cash a winner.

Even seasoned sports bettors can feel a bit intimidated when it comes to properly handicapping NHL games. Much like the starting pitcher in baseball, a hockey team’s starting goalie has a huge impact on the actual betting lines.


If you are an avid sports bettor looking to take advantage of the intrinsic value in NHL betting lines. Turning to a pro for a weekly or monthly selection package is a viable option. Moving into the second half of the season, now is a great time to get on board.

NHL Pro Picks for the 2nd Half

The cost for just the second half package is normally offered at a reduced rate. NHL pro picks will surely increase your winning percentage. It could also be bundled with pro picks for the upcoming playoffs. Which is the best time of the year to wager on NHL games.

There is still a commitment involved with betting with the pros. The best overall results are tied to betting the recommended units for every selection released. It would be next to impossible to pick and choose your way through any professional sports handicapper’s selection plan. Their primary strength is tied to long-term results.

Focus on Your Season-Long ROI

Even a pro is going to go through a few rough patches over the course of an entire season. You need to be focused on the overall return on investment when it comes to assessing the value a pro brings to the table.

You can make quite a bit of money on a winning rate between 55% and 60%.

However, you need to be willing to ride out all the highs and lows from now right through this season’s Stanley Cup Finals.

The alternative is going on your own with the strong potential for longer losing streaks and fewer winning runs. The bottom line goal is producing a positive return on investment and betting with the pros gives you the best chance to achieve this favorable result.