Should You Buy College Basketball Picks

Bettors may benefit when they buy college basketball picks.

Key Points

– There are times when you should buy college basketball picks.

– Purchasing picks is not for all bettors.

Should You Buy College Basketball Picks

It’s not uncommon for bettors, especially casual ones, to consider using sports picks or tips at some point. It can be very alluring to think that you can make money by simply adhering to advice from experts. It’s not really that simple, which is the issue.

One big issue is that there are a lot of companies offering betting picks. It’s simple for anyone to share their betting “expertise” with the public thanks to the internet. Bettors will find handicappers on social media, and it can be challenging to determine who is offering useful information and who is not.

On websites like Twitter and Facebook, a lot of the content is largely useless. The majority of the content comes from betting enthusiasts who like to express their opinions or who want to attract attention for their own satisfaction. 

There is no real harm in occasionally checking these people out, but if you are going to buy college basketball picks, do your homework. 

There are many paid services out there. Some of these are run by people who genuinely know what they are talking about, but many of them are useless. The question, then, is if these services offer any value.  Here, we try to explain whether or not you should buy college basketball picks.


Why Should I Buy Picks?

Sports betting is not an easy way to make money. Although anyone can do it, the majority of gamblers do not make a profit. You need perseverance, self-control, and a fair amount of sports knowledge to be truly successful. 

Bettors must have the ability (and time) to locate potential betting opportunities and evaluate their worth.

These conditions explain why purchasing picks can be so alluring. Even though you might really like gambling, you might not have enough time to conduct research and weigh your options. It’s possible that you lack the discipline or the patience to wait for the right opportunities. It’s possible that you’re just bad at picking winners. 

All of this is irrelevant if you only buy college basketball picks. You might be able to make money without putting in any significant effort if you use a dependable service that consistently offers high-quality picks.

The better use of paid picks is to supplement your own efforts. Many services include thorough write-ups with their picks that explain the thinking behind the recommendation of a bet. With services like these, you pay for more than just the choices—you pay for the knowledge as well.

This can be helpful in analyzing NCAAB betting markets and making your own judgments. It might also force you to consider factors that you hadn’t previously thought about. With the right service, you can improve your own betting skills over time in addition to receiving some winners.

Buy College Basketball Picks – The Drawbacks

Selecting a handicapping service is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face if you decide to buy college basketball picks. We’ve already discussed how numerous they are and how challenging it is to pick out the ones that are good. Although the majority of paid services will offer some sort of history of their previous selections, you can’t always be certain that they are being completely truthful.

The only way to know for sure whether a service is any good is to use it yourself and adhere to the recommendations for some time. It could turn out to be a total waste of money. If it takes you a few tries to find a service that actually assists you in winning money, your bankroll may have already suffered significant harm.

There is no assurance that you will consistently turn a profit, even if you are able to find a service that offers consistent winners. Pick providers experience dry spells where they are unable to place a winning bet, just like all other gamblers.Even if a service’s picks are performing poorly, you still have to pay. You will also be losing money on your bets and you’ll be out the money you paid to buy college basketball picks. 

Is It Worth It?

You will need to hit a certain number of bets from your handicapping service just to break even. For example, say you pay $50 a month for access to college basketball picks. 

Let’s say you only wager on bets that pay at least even money, or +100. You get ten of these picks from your guy and he has a win percentage of 60%. In a given month, you place 10 of these even-money bets and win six and lose four. 

You wager $25 on each bet, which means you will lose $100 on the four losses. You win six of the bets meaning you win $150. Don’t forget that you paid $50 to your pick service. In the end, your betting profit of $50 paid for your picks. You don’t make any profit.

Does that make buying picks worth it? There are pick services that are not all that expensive. Another key factor is how much a bettor likes to wager. If you are the casual $1, $2, or $5 bettor, you probably aren’t in the market for handicappers’ picks.You could look at building a strategy around free pro handicapper picks. The same could be said if you don’t place a lot of bets. 

The Last Word

There are both benefits and drawbacks to purchasing sports picks. Each bettor has a different set of circumstances that make buying picks either a good idea or a bad one. It’s up to the individual bettor to figure that out.

As with anything in sports betting, it is best for you to make your own decisions. There are times when you buy college basketball picks and it makes sense. There are times when you don’t. If you do buy picks, do the research and buy from a reputable handicapper.