Expanding Bookie Revenue Streams with PPH Software


Learn to expand bookie revenue streams with PPH software.

Key Points

– Your PPH software should allow for the expansion of bookie revenue streams.

– Having a wide range of bets on your board is the easiest way to expand bookie revenue streams.

Expanding Bookie Revenue Streams with PPH Software

For private bookmakers, the period from spring through summer is the most varied. The NBA is still a major draw for increasing your weekly handle. There are other additional sports betting choices, though, that can benefit the cause.

The MLB season starts and the postseason drive to the Stanley Cup championship in the NHL provides significant value. International soccer, horse racing, golf, and tennis are a few other sports that can help drive a bookie’s handle and hold during the summer.

As the fall comes, the NFL and college football reign supreme. The NBA and college basketball start up late in the year and bettors once again hit the annual cycle. With the yearly schedule in mind, here’s a look at how you can expand bookie revenue streams with PPH software.

Experts in Sports Betting

Reputable pay per head software firms employ some of the top experts in the sports betting industry. Working with one of these companies has many advantages, including the experience it can offer. You can get the most out of anything on the betting board with the aid of the right PPH service.

How you lay out that board is entirely up to you. The bottom line is that you are in this business because you love sports and making money off of them. That means that setting up your board is of extreme importance. If you want to draw more bettors or draw more bets out of your current customers, the board is important.

You still have to compete against large commercial sportsbooks, so you must be able to level the playing field. The right PPH software allows you to do just that. It also allows you to add in different revenue streams and make more money.

You have to provide your betting consumers with all they need. If you don’t, they will go elsewhere to find it. 


Increase Bookie Income Streams As You Develop Your Handle

By expanding the betting alternatives on your board, you can take things a step further. Without growing your active betting base, you can raise your weekly handle. This increases your overall weekly hold while saving you money on your pay per head charges. This is an approach that all bookies should look at.

If you have ten active bettors each paying $10, your weekly pay per head expense is $100. If you simply increase the amount that those ten bettors wager each week, your pay per head expense remains $100, but what you earn goes up. You can increase and grow your active betting base by simply opening up a new betting market.

Nevertheless, you must remember that not all PPH services are the same.

The recent rise in the sports betting sector has resulted in a very congested market. The skilled PPH providers stand out from the competition in this situation. The best PPH providers keep their status by making significant investments in the software services they provide.

As a bookie, you should never accept anything less than the best. Always anticipate getting the most out of your weekly pay per head payments. If you are not, it may be time to change your pay per head provider. That’s a topic for another day.

You can raise the bar for your bookie firm by setting higher expectations for your pay per head provider. The best way to achieve your financial objectives is to diversify your income streams through a wide range of betting possibilities. Again, that goes back to having a wide range of bets available on your board.

Take Full Control of Your Bookmaking Business

The one thing that allows you to expand your bookie revenue streams on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is having the right pay per head service provider. In the industry, control is essential. You are in charge of your operation and you have to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the flow of betting activity.

Understanding where the bets are coming from is important. It takes specialized technologies connected to real-time business analytics and data to keep tight control over all of your betting activities. Any business decision you make should never involve any guesswork.

Proper betting board management is possible if you have access to all the information you require when you need it. That comes from having a reputable PPH company. Additionally, you can immediately adjust your board as necessary. Limits on wagering and credit can easily be adjusted for each individual account.You can open new bookie revenue streams as you see fit.

The company management tools included in your pay per head plan are just a few examples of the control you have in running your sportsbook. Additionally, these tools can be used to increase and boost the overall revenue related to the betting activity you generate.