PPH Offers an Affordable Way to Start a Bookie Business


Just about anyone who considers themselves an avid sports bettor has kicked around the idea of moving to the other side to start a bookie business. This is especially true today as the US sports betting industry continues to explode.

As more and more sports fans start betting on the games they love to watch, the demand for private bookmakers is going to increase. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor understands and appreciates the added value in working with a private bookie.

Start a Bookie Business With the Right PPH Service

The personalized customer service and added attention to detail are a major point of separation from the big commercial sportsbooks catering to the betting masses.

Starting your own bookie business is not as complicated as you may think. Especially when you use a trusted service provider like RDG Corp. However, there are certain aspects of this business that need to be taken into consideration. You cannot just hang a shingle on Main Street advertising bookie services. 

Even if you could, funding your own operating system to actually book bets is too costly of a proposition. The sports betting industry has become highly complex through advanced technology and sophisticated sports betting software applications.

It is not as simple as opening up your Amazon account to order bookie software that runs on your home desktop computer.


Doing it For More Than 20 Years

That is why the pay per head bookie services industry has been alive and well for more than 20 years. The first price per head services date back to the early days of online sportsbooks.

The same operating systems and software solutions that allowed offshore books to expand their market reach have been helping private bookies do the exact same thing.

The pay per head business model provides everything you need to start a bookie business for one, low weekly per head fee. For around $10 per active weekly bettor, you can run and manage a successful bookmaking business.

Starting a Bookie Business is Easier Than You Think

The only other start-up costs would be a capable computing system. You need enough cash reserves to cover the amount of weekly betting action you plan to take in.

Pay per head does not provide actual betting customers. Quality PPH sites offer the means to collect and pay out funds but that is another task that you need to handle on your own.

Other than that, the right pay per head weekly plan can completely automate your bookie business while operating that business online.

You are actually moving your independent sportsbook offshore to protect your individual interests while also protecting the privacy of your betting clientele. Most of the top-rated pay per head sites are based in Costa Rica. This has proven to be an excellent jurisdiction to operate an offshore bookie business.

Pay Per Head Will Start a Bookie Business For You

With the right PPH service in place, the administrative end of things is in good hands. This frees up your time to market the bookmaking services you offer. There is no minimum amount of active bettors needed to sign on with a top-flight bookie services site.

If you could find 10 high-rollers averaging $1000 a week in sports bets. You could run and manage your entire bookmaking operation for around $100 a week in pay per head fees. Add in the fact that there are no major expenses to get started. Now, the big picture comes into crystal clear view.

The big picture is that there is some serious money to be made as a private bookie. You just need to work with a quality pay per head site.