Proper Betting Board Management With PPH


It’s the time of year we need to talk about proper betting board management. The new college basketball season is getting underway. Private bookies face their toughest test of the year properly managing a packed betting board.

With the right PPH service you can build your betting markets. This increase in betting board availability will attract high volume bettors.

Proper Betting Board Management

Most of the action you take in will still center on Saturday’s college football games and Sunday’s NFL slate. However, you still need to pay close attention to daily betting action on NBA, NHL and college basketball games.

If you are new to the game as a private bookie, working with the right pay per head bookies services site is vital. Even if you are a seasoned bookmaker, you can benefit from having a quality pay per head site by your side.

Pay Per Head Professional Management Techniques

Pay per head bookie software is designed to cover the administrative end of a private bookmaker’s business. The primary goal in signing on with a PPH service is to fully automate your business while operating it online.

The fact that the best PPH services are based in Costa Rica is another huge plus. By moving your bookie business offshore, you can protect your financial interests as well as the confidentiality of your active betting clientele.

Another important aspect of your PPH software solutions package covers the day to day management. This includes both your betting board and your active players. This is where proper betting board management is key.

Use a Top-Rated PPH Service

All the top-rated PPH services have made the necessary investments in their bookie services software suite. The business tools offered give you the ability to take all of the guesswork out of the decision making process.

You will have fast and easy access to important real time business analytics covering every aspect of the daily and weekly action coming in. You will also have the ability to move betting lines instantly across the board.

By creating individual and detailed account profiles for each of your betting customers, you can also maintain the proper control over each one’s betting and credit limits.

A daily bet ticker, comprehensive online bookie dashboard and player position report are a few more examples of extremely helpful software tools tied to proper betting board management.

Pay Per Head Professional In-House Business Support

Sign on with a top-rated pay per head site in today’s marketplace. Their advanced technology and sophisticated software solutions are just part of the value-added benefits. A service like Real Bookies has all the answers.

These PPH services also offer a world of experience and industry expertise through their in-house business support staff. Your weekly PPH plan is comprehensive in its design and turnkey in its application. However, you are going to need some added business support from time to time.

Proper Betting Board Management – Build Your Betting Board

A dedicated account manager can walk you through the entire startup process. You can be taking online action from your customers the same day you first signed on. This is the greatest asset when using a PPH service.

Building out your betting board is the best way to level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against to a certain extent.

Sports betting experts are on hand to help you meet and exceed each of your active customer’s betting needs. You always maintain complete control over your betting board. These experts are in place to help you make the most of what you have to offer.

An in-house team of customer service representatives bring it all together. This team is available 24/7 as viable business support for you as the bookie agent. They are also there to help your betting customers with questions concerning their online sports betting account.