Attract High Volume Bettors With a Quality Pay Per Head


There are any number of ways to build a successful private bookie business. But you always want to attract high volume bettors. Working with a quality pay per head service, your primary business cost is the weekly per head fee you pay for each active betting customer.

With the average weekly cost set around $10 per active bettor, this is one of the best deals going. You will have easy access to everything you need to run and manage a very successful independent bookmaking operation.

Build Profit – Attract High Volume Bettors

The main advantage of working with a bookie software services site is the ability to fully automate your business while operating it online. Since most of the top-rated PPH services are located in Costa Rica, this is also an excellent way to take your business offshore. This protects your business interests while safeguarding your betting customers’ online betting activity.

Another big advantage of working with a quality pay per head site is maximizing both your weekly handle and your hold on that betting volume.

Pay per head weekly fees are not based on a bookie’s betting volume or the amount of money wagered by each active player. The fee is set so you will always be dealing with a fixed weekly cost.

You Pay One Set Price, Regardless of Betting Volume

The higher the number of active bettors, the higher the weekly cost. That is why it is much more lucrative to build a betting base of higher volume players. For example, if you have 10 players averaging a $1000 in bets a week, your total PPH cost is just $100.

If you have 100 players betting $100 a week, your overall betting handle would be the same but your PPH cost would bet $1000.

While landing high volume players is harder to do, working with the right PPH service can help your marketing efforts.

High Volume Bettors Want VIP Treatment

Today’s high volume bettors are looking for the added level of customer service. They need personal attention to detail that you can provide as a private bookie. However, they are also looking for the full-service nature of a big commercial online sportsbook.

A quality bookie services site can help you level the playing field against the big commercial books in a number of different ways. Another massive advantage with using a PPH site is your ability to market multiple betting markets.

You will have the proper software tools to build out your betting board to more than meet each of your customer’s sports betting needs. You will also have the right business tools to properly manage that board.

By taking all the guesswork out of the decision making process, you can take full advantage of opportunities ahead of time. While also avoiding issues that need to be addressed after the fact.

Top-Rated PPH Services Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Today’s top-rated PPH services are backed by professional in-house business support. From IT specialists to sports betting experts, this business support team acts like a silent business partner. They will always have your best interests top of mind.

You can build an attractive online presence for your bookie business through your sports betting platform. As part of your weekly plan, you can also offer an online racebook for betting on horses and an online casino for betting on Las Vegas-style slots and table games.

Turn your sports betting business into a full-service online gaming site. You will giving yourself the best chance to build a profitable betting base. You can meet and exceed any financial goals you have set for yourself.