Expanded Pay Per Head Gaming Options


Pay per head gaming options will feed your players needs and increase your bottom line.

Pay Per Head Gaming Options Explained

As a private bookie, you have the freedom to create your own select group of betting clientele. Whether you focus your efforts on a smaller group of high volume players. Or an expanded range of recreational sports bettors. The overall makeup of your business is entirely up to you.

With this in mind, you are still competing against the big commercial sportsbooks to a certain extent. Your added edge is the elevated level of customer service that you can provide. Here, the big books simply cannot match.


However, you still need the ability to offer all of the same player amenities that can be found at today’s commercial books.

This includes an extended list of online pay per head gaming options.

Bettors Need More Than Sports

Sports will always remain the fundamental focus of your time and efforts. Yet, today’s sophisticated player is also looking for other forms of online gaming as part of their overall betting strategy.

This is where the weekly cost of a quality pay per head service more than justifies the weekly player fees. First of all, you are only paying for what you use. The weekly fee is tied to a player’s activity. It has no bearing on the volume of the bets placed.

The per head concept gives you the ability to closely track one of your biggest costs of doing business as a private bookmaker. If you have 50 active betting customers at $10 weekly, your pay per costs will be $500.

More Pay Per Head Gaming Options Equals Profit

Given this system, your goal is to generate as much profit as possible based on that active base. While you never want any of your players to bet more than their means. You could be leaving quite a bit of money on the table if your only gaming focus is sports.

Even with the most expanded sports betting board possible, there are some lucrative add-ons for further expansion.

The easiest one would be an online racebook for betting on horse races.

This goes hand-and-hand with online sports betting as one activity complements the other.

The best PPH services in today’s marketplace can recreate the live horse betting experience at any track running a live daily card. When the year’s biggest stakes races roll around, you can bring the excitement of those events to your entire betting base.

Offer Racebook & Casino Options

The next logical expansion is an online casino complete with Las Vegas-style slots and digital table games. Once again, the best PPH providers raise the bar even higher with access to live dealer table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

If you have sports betting customers that also enjoy online casino gambling. You will be able to meet that need as well with a highly sophisticated gaming software solution.

More and more of the top-rated bookie software services are adding gaming software solutions for an online poker room to their weekly PPH plans. This gives you the ability to run your own daily tournaments for popular card game options such as Texas Hold’em.

You can even find PPH plans that offer the necessary turnkey sportsbook software solutions for running contests and money pools. In honesty, the pay per head gaming options available are near endless.

This is an excellent way to supplement both football and basketball season. These contests can be used as an attractive promotional tool or as an additional source of revenue throughout the year.