Cruising Through Expanded Betting Options

When the coronavirus pandemic took a hold of the sports world in early March of this year, sports bettors were left scratching their collective heads. Everything from March Madness to the NBA and NHL were either cancelled or suspended. Betting options were at a minimum.


America's Bookie Expanded Betting Options

America’s Bookie Expanded Betting Options

With the NBA, NHL, and MLB all back now, bettors have a number of different options from which to choose on any given night. Most are breathing a collective sigh of relief. It was a rough few months for sports bettors.

Bored Bettors

When the pandemic came and virtually shut down every sport you can imagine, bored sports bettors turned to other alternatives. One was the stock market.

A number of sports bettors took money from their sportsbook accounts and began wagering in the stock market. They were among the millions of small-time investors that opened trading accounts.

Bored bettors were also attracted to new sportsbook offerings like eSports and betting options on simulated games. An NBA2K tournament played by celebrities drew a lot of action at sportsbooks. Gamblers were also attracted to simulated NBA games and other eSports action.

Bored No More

When the NBA announced its plans to restart, the NHL followed and MLB put together its plans for a 60-game regular season. Golf came back a little earlier as did NASCAR racing. 

The return of sports has done wonders for the psyche of the U.S. as well as the bankrolls for the average sports bettor. Players can now go to their respective online sportsbook’s betting board and choose from a wide variety of action.

It was almost like pre-coronavirus times just last weekend. Friday started with a full slate of MLB games. The NBA and NHL playoffs continued with games over the entire weekend and bettors had an opportunity to lay some golf bets on The Northern Trust.

Last Saturday afforded sports bettors the chance to get in on the Drydene 311 NASCAR Cup at Dover International Speedway. Later that night, players could check out UFC action in Las Vegas.

Like Saturday, Sunday offered another full slate of betting options with NBA, NHL, and MLB games to go with golf plus the Indianapolis 500. The race, which usually takes place over Memorial Day weekend, was run in August due to the coronavirus. 

Future Betting Options

As the calendar heads toward the fall, football season will soon be upon us. It will be a college football season unlike the past with the Big Ten and Pac-12 waiting until next spring to play. Nonetheless, it’s still college football and it will still attract hungry sports bettors.

The NFL is headed toward its start date of September 10 when defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City takes on Houston. The NHL ALWAYS brings countless betting options. The rest of Week 1 occurs over that weekend with games on Sunday, September 13, and Monday, September 14.

Bettors have multiple options including quarter totals, first half totals, and more. NBA bettors are now able to wager on which team will reach 10, 20, or 30 points first. Other sports like soccer, tennis, and even events like eSports and the NFL Madden Simulation are still on the betting board. 

No longer do sports bettors need to consider things like the stock market to keep them going. There is – and will be – plenty of activity in the sports world and that will keep bettors happy.