Picking the Best PPH for Hockey Season

Bookies need the best PPH for hockey to keep up with the big dogs.

Key Points

  • To pick the best PPH for hockey season, bookies need to understand hockey betting and hockey bettors.
  • The right PPH service can help a bookie take advantage of hockey season.

Bookies looking to maximize profits during hockey season should take the time to find the right pay per head service to help them do so. The best PPH services in the business will help bookies take advantage of every possible betting opportunity. 

That is the first item on the list of things to consider when picking the right PPH for hockey season. With the right pay per head provider, a bookmaker can make the most of the hockey season.

Understand Hockey Betting

Bookies first need to understand that betting on hockey is different from the big sports like football and basketball. It’s more of a niche than it is the mainstream.

It takes a certain breed of sports bettor to consistently wager on NHL games. Plus, hockey fans are extremely loyal to their teams. That means your sportsbook better be able to cater to hockey bettors.


Best PPH for Hockey

Also, remember that the NHL season is 82 games long. Then, the postseason begins and the teams that advance will play four rounds in best-of-seven game series eventually culminating with the Stanley Cup finals.

Don’t forget, there are also numerous leagues around the world where hockey fans enjoy betting on their teams too. The KHL in Russia  and SHL in Sweden, for example, are two of the most prestigious in the world aside from the NHL. 

The point here is that your pay per head of choice needs to provide numerous hockey betting markets as well as options within those markets.Your operation can thrive if you are able to bring the most hockey betting options to your player sheet.

Find the Best PPH for Hockey

Finding the best PPH for hockey season essentially comes down to doing the research. Figure out exactly what you want in a pay per head provider. 

Understanding NHL wagering, you’re going to need a PPH that covers all the markets and offers plenty of betting options. Odds and lines need to be tight and your over user experience has to be something that bettors enjoy.

Customer service is a big deal as well. The best PPH providers will offer bookies a fully staffed, 24/7 customer service department. They can answer all questions and take care of any player issues. This is a huge time saver and allows bookies to get out and do the work to build their player sheet.

Market to Hockey Bettors

With your sportsbook automated by your choice of PPH, you can then focus on growing your business. Betting on hockey isn’t as popular as it is on other sports like football and basketball, so you’ll have to be sure to market your sportsbook to hockey bettors. There are a few things you can do to reach the right crowd.

Social media is one of the best avenues for finding groups of people interested in the same thing. Bookies can find groups of hockey fans and begin campaigns to introduce their new sportsbook. This can help to build a base of hockey bettors on the player sheet.

Finding the best pay per head software service for hockey will make a huge difference in your overall success.

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