Create a Lineup of Winning Online Sportsbooks

Winning online sportsbooks may sound like an oxymoron. But in reality, sportsbooks want balanced action on both sides.

Sports Betting Worldwide Explosion

The overall marketplace for online sports betting sites has exploded in recent years. The sheer number of choices has also created a unique situation for avid sports bettors.

While every online sportsbook is similar in nature when it comes to actually betting on the games. There are some noticeable differences when you move from one online book to the next.

The best course of action for both high volume players and recreational weekend warriors is to create an active lineup of online betting venues.

Winning Online Sportsbooks – Create a List For Your Needs

Your list should include bookmakers covering all of your sports betting needs. Whether you decide to work with a few books or a long list of online betting sites. There are some definite benefits to expanding your range of betting options.

The obvious benefit is the ability to shop your betting lines. Betting a favorite at -125 on the money line rather than -130 or higher is a great way to minimize your financial risk. Saving an extra 5% juice on losing bets will add up to quite a bit of savings over time.

If you like to bet underdogs straight-up on the money line, making an extra 5% or more when your instincts are on the money can add a significant boost to your overall bankroll over time.


Unlimited Betting at Offshore Sportsbooks

Another value-added benefit to working with a team of online sportsbooks is unique betting options. Every online book is going to post the standard point spreads, money line odds and total lines for each day’s biggest games. This is when shopping the lines makes the most sense.

Line shopping is an easy strategy

However, more and more online books are starting to offer daily betting specials that are unique to their site. With so many choices these days, the highest rated online books are always looking for ways to separate their betting board from the competition.

One of the best ways to do that is through daily betting specials. These offer an enhanced return in the posted odds.

Promotional incentives and bonus offers have become a big part of the game when it comes to new player acquisition. These types of offers can provide a legitimate way to boost an online betting account. Yet, the posted terms and conditions are definitely geared towards attracting high volume players.

Use Promos to Your Advantage With Winning Online Sportsbooks

The rollover requirements and tight time frames to fulfill these betting obligations make it rather hard to collect your bonus funds as a recreational bettor.

However, all winning online sportsbooks offer incentives and promotions that anyone can take advantage of.

A good example would be valid customer referrals. As long as your referral makes a deposit into a new online betting account, you will receive some sort of monetary reward.

As part of the process for putting together your team of online books, make sure you familiarize yourself with the entire promotional plan. Look for offers and incentives that you can take advantage of on an ongoing basis. Even something as simple as reduced juice options for certain bets can turn into a viable benefit as it applies to your overall sports betting strategy.

Finally, once you assemble this team, make sure that you are putting them to work for you. You should continually familiarize yourself with anything new being offered. Taking some extra time to thoroughly browse a sportsbook’s online site will pay added dividends with some value-added betting opportunities.