Online Sportsbook Rules | Bonus Offers and Promotions

Just about every online sportsbook has some kind of bonus offer on the table for opening a new betting account. Most times they are tied into the monetary amount of an initial deposit. Bonus offers are often times extended to reloads, which pertain to any additional deposits over a certain period of time.

Betting the Big Dance at Online Sportsbooks

Depending on your particular betting style and betting frequency, bonus offers and other promotions can put some extra money into your overall betting bankroll. However, the one thing in common with all online sportsbooks is the fact that they are not in the business of giving away something for nothing.

You should always consult the specific rules and regulations governing any bonus or promotional offer before you sign up. Most of the rules revolve around turnovers and the actual withdrawal of any bonus funds you may receive. Turnover refers to the amount of times you must bet the amount of that initial deposit to be eligible for any cash back. For example, if you deposited $100 with a 5x rollover. You would have to wager at least $500 to satisfy that rollover requirement.

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Along with the specific rules that each book will put in place for its bonus offers and other promotions, there are a general set of rules that cover some overall in-house policies. Once again, these can vary from one online betting venue to the next. However, there are a few rules that do remain consistent across the online sportsbook industry.

One of the most basic rules governing any bonus, incentive or any other type of promotional plan is one offer per one betting account. This is controlled by a household address even if there are multiple users within that locale. The restriction is often times designated as per person, household, account or computer environment.

Promotional offers for new accounts are strictly in place for new members only. Most offers are valid for 30 days from the original deposit. Any attempts to open multiple betting accounts using various identities as the same end user could result in a complete suspension of play on a permanent basis.

Any attempts to bypass rollover requirements can also result in a permanent suspension of your betting account. Management reserves the right to revoke a bonus and any subsequent winnings that may have been derived from that bonus if fraudulent activity has been detected.

You will always have a choice to participate in any bonus offer, incentive or promotion. All the terms of these offers will be considered to be accepted if you do choose to participate. Any bonuses or free bets that are awarded are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Just as a general rule, if you betting volume and frequency do not matchup up with the necessary rollover requirements to receive a welcome bonus or any subsequent offer, it is best to decline the offer upfront.

Since most online sportsbooks also offer a racebook for horse racing, online poker rooms and online casinos, it is important to understand how funds spent on these activities relate to any bonus offers through the sportsbook. In most cases, any real money play in the racebook, poker room or online casino will not be applied to any rollover requirements for bonuses awarded for sports betting. However, most books will have special individual promotional offers in play for each of these other forms of online betting.

Any funds received as a bonus can not be used to satisfy any future rollover requirements for additional bonus offers. Any funds that are received as a free-bet bonus cannot be cashed out. Any unearned bonus offer will be declared null and void following that initial 30-day period.

Posted March 23rd, 2019