2021 NFL Playoffs Betting

Pro football’s second season is here, so let’s talk about 2021 NFL Playoffs betting. The quest for a Super Bowl title features the top seven teams from both the AFC and NFC. The top seed in each conference earns a first round bye to set up six games in the opening Wild Card Round.

2021 NFL Playoffs Betting

The winners of those games plus the top two conference seeds will then square off in the four-game Divisional Round. The following Sunday features a pair of conference championship games that will determine the matchup for the Super Bowl.

All told, there are 13 NFL games in the postseason derby and the best way to bet on all the action is at your favorite online sportsbook. Your choices of online books are varied. It is easy to find a quality site that can help you make the most out of your online sports betting experience.

A few things to look for in a quality online book starts with a promotional lineup of bonus offers, monetary incentives and special NFL postseason contests such as Squares and Playoff Pick’em challenges.

HR Wager’s NFL Playoff Contests

The top-rated online books understand that the NFL postseason presents one last chance to attract football bettors to their websites or mobile betting apps.

They will tend to pull out all the stops when it comes to bonus offers, promotions and contests. HR Wager is known to have a huge menu of contests come NFL Playoff season. They have AFC & NFC Conference pools, Super Bowl squares and much more. Check out their review.

HR Wager has a huge contest menu
HR Wager has a huge contest menu

Betting NFL futures becomes a hot option this time of the year with odds set for each conference championship leading up to the Super Bowl.

Most of the money will gravitate towards the No. 1 seeds in both the AFC and NFC. More often than not, one or even both of those teams make an earlier than expected exit.


Parity Party When Betting the 2021 NFL Playoffs

Parity is alive and well in the NFL and even a hot wild card team can offer quite a bit of value in the odds.

The best strategy for betting NFL playoff futures at online books is by searching the available options across a few of the top online books. Taking some time to do some line shopping is a must.

They are all going to post futures odds for the most basic bets. However, you might be able to find additional options such as which division represents the AFC and NFL in the Super Bowl. 

Along with NFL playoff futures, online books will also release special playoff props. These special props offer another excellent opportunity to diversify your overall postseason betting strategy.

Betting Options for the 2021 NFL Playoffs

When it comes to 2021 NFL Playoffs betting the individual games themselves, you have three basic options. The first covers straight bets on the point spread, total line and money line. You can also group these bets together in a parlay play.

The next option is betting individual game props covering scoring, team play and individual player performances. This is a great way to supplement any straight bets you may have already placed. You can also develop an entire single-game betting strategy wrapped around individual game props.

Once again, shopping props across a few sportsbooks will uncover some unique betting opportunities with one-of-a-kind prop bet options at each betting site.

The final betting option for NFL playoff games is live in-game betting.

The lines and odds are constantly changing as each game wears on. This gives you a chance to double-down on some previous wagers when things are going your way. You can also use live in-game bets to hedge any earlier wagers if things are not going as planned.