Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks – Gambler’s Insurance

If you’re here, you want to learn a little something about gambler’s insurance. Just like any winning and losing streak in sports itself.

Sports bettors experience the same ups and downs over the course of any season. The trick is to make an effort to minimize the losing runs while maximizing the winning ones.

Gambler’s Insurance Eases the Pain

Successfully pulling off that particular trick is often easier said than done. The reality of betting on sports dictates that it is hard to go on an extended winning streak. To the same extent of just how hard it can be to avoid extended losing streaks.

Sometimes, it is more important to control where you are placing your online sports bets.

In today’s marketplace, this can be broken down into two different options. The first includes all the top-rated offshore sportsbooks that have been catering to US players for well over two decades.

These betting sites have a much deeper understanding of the US sports betting market as a whole.

Over the past few years, the US-based sportsbook industry has emerged.

They are backed by huge casino gaming companies and daily fantasy sports sites that have only recently gotten their feet wet working with US sports bettors.

Promotional Offers and Player Incentives

A great example of the difference between the two can be found in the lineup of promotional offers and player incentives.

While there is definitely some crossover such as matching bonuses on initial deposits, the offshore books have a tendency to offer an expanded level of promotional perks.

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The offshore sportsbooks are not spending millions of dollars to sponsor the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL as the biggest professional US-based sports betting leagues. They are also not spending a ton of cash sponsoring individual sports teams. Or signing on former athletes as brand ambassadors.

Put Money Back in Your Pocket With Gambler’s Insurance

The top-rated offshore sportsbooks are using their financial marketing resources to put money back into the hands of individual sports bettors. How does it help you if a US-based book sponsors your favorite team? Does a portion of that sponsorship money go back into your particular online sports betting account?

Gambler’s Insurance puts money back in your pocket

Your best plan of action as an individual sports bettor is to seek out online betting sites that can best benefit your individual sports betting activity.

This could range from lower rollover requirements on bonus funds to a comprehensive player rewards program that issues valuable points tied to all your online sports betting activity.

A few select offshore sportsbooks will offer a monthly gambler’s insurance policy. Nobody bets to lose. However, as mentioned, it sometimes happens. If the losses pile up higher than the wins in one particular month. Your insurance policy will kick-in to help cover a portion of that net loss.

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Gambler’s Insurance at America’s Bookie

The best monthly gambler’s insurance policies basically cover the 10% juice paid to that particular offshore book.

For example, let’s say your net loss for an individual month was $1000. You would automatically receive a 10% rebate on the loss in the form of a $100 free-bet credit into your online account. America’s Bookie has a great Gambler’s Insurance policy as part of a huge incentive package.

The Gambler’s Insurance rebate can provide a fresh start to your sports betting activity for the upcoming month. Hopefully, by the time the next month comes to a close, you will not have to rely on another 10% rebate to cover another losing month.

This is just one of the ways that today’s best offshore sportsbooks continue to enhance your entire online sports betting experience.