Ways to Get More From Your Sportsbook

You need to get more from your sportsbook. With so much competition, you need your sportsbook to take care of you. More and more sports fans are now betting on the games these days. Whether it’s Saturdays and college football, Sundays in the NFL or daily on NBA and NHL matchups, sports betting is big business these days in a very crowded marketplace.


Mobile Access is a Must

Most of today’s betting action is booked online through mobile betting apps. It has been estimated that online betting accounts for well over 90% of the monthly betting handle in the US market. The betting handle refers to the total betting volume.

Sportsbooks make their money on the hold on that betting volume. The betting hold is the difference between the money paid out on winning wagers and the money collected on losing bets plus the standard 10% commission or juice.

Since the average recreational sports bettor tends to lose more bets than they win, it is easy to see why there are so many online sportsbooks in the industry these days.

In the marketplace today, US-based sportsbooks are spending millions of dollars to acquire new betting customers. Media advertising and promotional offers have flooded TV screens. The established global sportsbook industry is also pulling out all the stops to attract US sports bettors to the bookmaking services they offer.

Get More From Your Sportsbook – Cater to Your Your Habits

The result is a highly competitive marketplace but one that can be equally confusing. There are so many options to choose from. It does take some effort to match up the right online sportsbook that can meet your betting habits They need to know your tendencies and traits. HRWager.ag focuses on just this.

High dollar welcome offers tied to initial deposits and/or free bets are not tailored to everyone. No online sportsbook is going to give you money for free. Signing up for a $1500 bonus when you have to bet that bonus 20x to collect your money probably does not make sense for the average recreational bettor.

Earning a deposit bonus that covers 30% of that amount with just a 3x rollover requirement fits almost anyone’s sports betting strategy, so you need to shop around.

Deposit Bonuses Get More From Your Sportsbook

Deposit bonuses are used as a way to open the door. Getting more from your online sportsbook is tied to enhancing the entire online sports betting experience. 

One of the biggest advantages of working with the right online sportsbook is competitive betting lines. Let’s say you only have to pay 5% juice betting the UNDER on a NFL game. That is going to add up to real savings over the course of the entire season.

If you can make an extra $5 betting underdogs on the NBA money line, that puts more money in your betting bankroll when things go your way. Competitive betting lines are an easy way to add more value to your entire sports betting strategy.

Get the Best Online Experience

Big, flashy deposit bonuses or free first bet offers grab all the headlines. Yet, it is the simple savings or gains here and there that are going to make the most impact on your betting bankroll over time. This will ensure you get more from your sportsbook.

The best online sportsbooks are genuinely looking for ways to enhance the entire online experience. They know that they are still going to make their money on the 10% juice charged on losing bets. These same online books are willing to offer daily betting specials. You can find odds boosters on certain parlay plays and a wider range of daily prop bet options.

More importantly, the best online sportsbooks understand the true value of your customer loyalty. They should be willing to reward you for that.