Buying Pro Pick Packages for NBA and NHL Games

Is this the year you will be buying pro pick packages? Just as the current NFL season is heating up, both the NBA and NHL are kicking off their new seasons. Both leagues will return to their regular 82-game schedule this year.

Why Consider Buying Pro Pick Packages

While this is exciting news for avid sports bettors, it puts added pressure on the weekly sports betting budget. Avid bettors going it alone with all three professional betting leagues will put their handicapping skills to the ultimate test.

Depending on your individual budget and sports betting habits, it may make sense to add a NBA and NHL selection package to the mix. This can act as a complement to buying your selections for weekly NFL picks.

From a betting volume standpoint, NFL games are still limited to Sundays along with an added game on Thursday and Monday nights. College football still dominates Saturdays but true action junkies need something to fill the gaps during the other days of the week.

Save Time When Buying Pro Pick Packages

The flip side of trying to go it alone with all three pro leagues is a time factor. If you have the necessary time to handicap NFL, NBA and NHL games during the week, you probably do not need any pro selections. One would have to assume that your winning rate crosses the break-even mark of 52.4%.

If your winning rate is lower than that or if you do not have the time to devote to this active of a betting strategy. Then buying selection packages for all three leagues could be a viable option. The best cappers will know which NHL advanced stats to key on.

As long as your overall betting volume keeps pace with the total amount of selections released, you stand to make a solid return on investment over the long haul. The most important aspect in maximizing any pro selection package is betting all the games at the recommended units.

This can be rather costly if you are betting all three leagues this time of the year. Yet, this is the best way to boost your return. Trying to pick and choose your way through a pro’s picks is a recipe for disaster.

All or Nothing Proposition

Even if a pro handicapper is hitting more than 60 percent of their plays, it is next to impossible to eliminate the losing ones. That is why buying a pro selection package for any sport needs to be viewed as an all or nothing proposition.

If you take the approach of investing in sports betting, you have a great chance to be successful over an extended period of time. Short-term gains are great but they are used to counteract short-term losses.

No pro stays hot forever and winning streaks are normally followed by downturns. The true strength of a pro handicapper is over the course of an entire season. When buying pro pick packages, you need to get long term records from cappers.

The winning streaks tend to be longer in duration than the losing ones. The difference between the two minus the cost of the actual package is your profit at the end of the day.

Many high-volume bettors will let the NBA and NHL sit on the backburner while the college football and NFL season wears on. Also waiting in the wings is the new college basketball season in November.

Maybe you love to bet on sports everyday of the week and you have the financial means to support your betting habits. Then buying a season-long pick package for the NBA and NHL this time of the year is actually the most economical approach when it comes down to cost per selection.