Are Pro Handicappers as Good as They Claim to Be?

The simple answer to this question about pro handicappers is yes and no. One thing that is for certain, a pro handicapper will have a higher winning percentage with their sports bets than a recreational bettor. If that is not the case, then they should not be calling themselves a pro.

Success is in the eye of the beholder. That is why you always need to perform your own due diligence when evaluating the performance of any pro handicappers and their pick package. A site like Action Sports Picks has a great layout of picks from all their cappers. You can choose the time frame, sport and more.

If you do decide to pay a premium for your sports bets, you have the right to know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Best Pro Handicappers Are Totally Transparent

The best pros in today’s sports betting industry are very transparent in posting their overall results. Many of these same pros will offer a detailed view of their winning percentage by sports league, betting market, unit plays and anything else that would help grade their performance. Head over to Action Sports Picks and check out their capper leaderboard page.

If fact, full transparency is the No. 1 attribute of a top pro looking to sell their weekly selections. Anything short of that should be viewed with a heightened level of skepticism.


Keep in mind, there is no governing or regulatory body verifying the claims of professional handicappers. This equates to the game of golf where honestly rests on the individual player. That is why longevity in the industry coupled with reputation are two more important attributes of a quality pro selling selection packages.

Pro Handicappers Create Big Business

The betting selection industry is big business these days. Even recreational bettors are looking for an edge against the books. Buying selections can be the answer if your betting strategy, betting bankroll and betting mentality fit the bill.

Any pro will sell you a selection package. The big question you have to ask yourself is does this selection package fill your actual sports betting needs.

For most recreational bettors, the answer is no. You need to make a serious financial commitment to any selection package you decide to buy in order to generate the proper return on investment.

You may still lose money going it on your own. However, you will not be spending money that you cannot afford to lose.

However, if you are a high-volume sports bettor with a poor winning percentage on your own, it is probably time to turn to a pro for help.

No Guarantees

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees in this game. However, if you are willing to bet the recommended units on every selection in that package, your chances for a positive return on investment improve dramatically.

The best pros in the game view sports betting as a marathon. Quick sprints may produce some impressive results but eventually that runner will get winded the longer they run. 

Long-term success in this game is far more important. Forget about a pro handicapper’s record last week or even last month. Focus more on their winning percentage for the entire season as well as the last two or three seasons of a particular sport or league. Looking for someone that has a good hold on betting October baseball to get you through the postseason.

The best of the best can create a positive return on investment over a longer period of time. They will also experience dry spells every once and awhile. Even with so many pro handicappers in the marketplace, always keep in mind that most sportsbooks are still making money hand over fist, year after year.