Using More Than One Sportsbook

We’re here to tell you why you should be using more than one sportsbook. The entire online sports betting industry is growing and expanding at a rapid pace these days.

Sports gambling is evolving at an accelerated rate. A lot of this is thanks to advanced online technology and sophisticated software solutions.

Why Using More Than One Sportsbook is Smart

This unique situation only enhances your online sports betting experience as an avid sports fan. It becomes easy to find an online sportsbetting source that matches your betting strategy, habits and tendencies.

It is actually easy to find multiple online books that meet and probably exceed your sports betting needs. This begs the question as to how many online sports betting accounts should you have? 

One online betting account is all you need to bet on the games. However, there are some distinct advantages to working with multiple online books.

Shopping Betting Lines

The most obvious advantage to betting with multiple online books is shopping for the best betting lines. Even a half point on the point spread or total line can be a huge benefit. Quite a bit of money has exchanged hands when that extra half a point has come into play.

Shopping betting lines is extremely important if you like to bet on the games using the money line odds. The money line is the primary way to bet on baseball, hockey and soccer games. However, there is quite a bit of value to be found betting the money line for football and basketball. This is especially true if you have a tendency to wager on underdogs.

A savings of even $5 betting the favorite or a $5 added gain betting the underdog can make a huge difference in your online betting bankroll over the course of an entire season.

Yearly Savings Add Up – Using More Than One Sportsbook

You can also shop the betting lines in terms of the juice charged on a point spread and total line wager. It’s just another advantage of betting lines. You need to be using more than one sportsbook.

If the spread is seven points at all three books, you may find a reduced juice option at one of those books for betting the underdog. If the total line is set at 50 points for a football game, online books will use the juice charged as a way to lean bettors one way or the other.

For example, Book A might have the standard -110 juice for betting either side of a game. Book B might offer -105 juice for betting the underdog or betting the UNDER. If you were leaning that way to begin with, why not reduce your financially liability at Book B?

Expanding the Variety of Betting Lines

When it comes to basic betting options, online books are very similar from one to the next. When it comes to daily specials, parlay boosters and reduced juice betting options, each online book you work with can offer something different.

Today’s top-rated online books are always looking for ways to create a point of difference from the competition through their betting board. Using more than one sportsbook opens so many new doors to incentives.

Offshore sportsbooks do what they can to entice players. America’s Bookie has a massive incentive package. They put money directly into your pocket with contests and free plays.

Your goal as a sports bettor is finding any edge possible against the online books. With access to two or three online sportsbook accounts, you can seek out that edge through each one’s unique betting options.

The return on a parlay booster at Book A is probably unique to that book. A daily betting special on a specific player prop is only going to be available at Book B. These are the type of betting opportunities that can improve your overall return on investment.