Benefits of Using a Handicapper Network

When we think of handicappers, there is a misconception that they’re all at war with each other. The truth is, handicappers and their clients are actually teammates in a battle against the books. In this article, we will look at handicapper network benefits.

Cappers need to work together to crush numbers and make bookies squeal, and while bookmaking is a noble profession, the major corporate books have diluted what was once a little guy’s trade.


These days, it takes ingenuity and collaboration to be a winning sports bettor, but beyond that, a true network that fosters transparency and collaboration is paramount. Our Smarter Bettor hub is creating a network of handicappers to help everyone win together.

While your instinct might be to clam up and keep others out, we’re here to explain why using a network of handicappers is a great thing.

Variety is the Spice of Life

If you know a guy who’s great with ponies, another fella who crushes football, and a dude who is a master of tennis, together, they can all offer insights on their respective sports. This ensures that they can fuse their knowledge together to absolutely make bookies lose their minds.

Rather than only focusing on one sport, you can get access to a myriad of knowledge. Because, remember, sports go through seasons. If you’re trying to make money through wagering, how can you possibly do that if your sport is out of season?

Build networks, and you’ll eventually build bigger bankrolls with all of the winners you’ll be cashing. Before the network takes shape, be sure to take advantage of our free sports picks.

Gameadvisers also offers a 10 day free trial plan with their AI handicapping service.

One-Stop Shop

Rather than having a Twitter feed with 50 different avatars of hundred dollar bills, just have a consolidated place to get actionable and professional advice regarding sports wagering. Too often, people over-complicate things by having so many different options. 

Cut it down to only a few, and you’ll be in better shape. It’s incumbent to keep all of these in mind, because if not, you’ll discover that you’re overloaded with useless information, rather than having access to the insights that will really help you cash in on profitable wagers.

Enjoy a Robust Community

Winning is fun, but it’s a lot more fun when you can win with friends and like-minded partners. With a capper community, you’ll be able to connect with other winning handicappers, share insights, share the pain, and, most importantly, share when you win.

Just as having more access allows you to make more intelligent wagers, having greater access and transparency means you can get a lot more enjoyment beyond just winning bets. This is a great option as most other individuals assume that just because they’re in a position to cash in, that they’re not going to perform their best.

It’s really important to enjoy the fun you can get when being a part of a network, and is committed to delivering that experience by building a handicapper network.

Let’s face it: being a part of a community is just plain good fun, and beyond fun, you can make a whole lot of money, too.

Join a Winning Network of Professional Handicappers

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