Tips to Avoiding Pro Handicapping Hype this Football Season

Are you looking for pro handicapping help? The new season of football at both the college level and the NFL tends to pique sports bettors’ interests in pro handicapper selection packages.

Everyone is looking for a betting edge over the books during football season. The concept of buying expert selections is sometimes the best route to take. If you consider yourself an avid, high-volume football bettor, turning to the pros might be the best plan.

Finding the Right Pro Handicapping Plan

Once you make the decision to buy a football season pro selection plan, the most important part of the process is finding the right one.

There are any number of excellent pros in the game today. However, you need to wade through all the information that is going to come your way during that search. This is when you have to separate the hype from the substance.

By nature, the best pro sports cappers have also turned into the best marketers of the service they offer. You are never going to hear about a recent losing streak in those marketing pieces or a losing percentage for college football last season.

There is no such thing as a lock

You are going to hear about their recent 8-unit lock of year coming through. The first tip to avoiding the hype is to understand that there is no such thing as a “lock” when it comes to betting on sports. You can add the terms “sure thing” and “cannot miss” to that list.

Looking for 60% Winners

The best pro handicapping providers are targeting a winning percentage north of 60%. That would result in a very healthy return over the course of the entire season. However, that still implies that their cumulative football picks lose 40% of the time.

Sports betting is a numbers game. If you can win two of three bets on a regular basis, you can earn a solid return on investment. However, that is much easier said than done. When you buy sports picks, you need to do some homework.

Another tip is to think of hype as short-term results and substance as the long-term performance. Any pro handicapper who considers themselves a pro can go on a hot streak. Sometimes those winning streaks result in quite a bit of money made for anyone along for the ride.

Commit to Your Pro Handicapping Long Term

Those same sports handicappers can turn cold as ice overnight only to cost you a bundle in their next wave of football selections. To earn a solid return on investment working with a pro handicapper, you must remain committed to the big picture.

This involves betting every selection in a weekly package at the recommended units. It is next to impossible to pick and choose your way through the average weekly package for football. That handicapper is basing their results on all the selections they decided to release for that week’s games.

Another good tip is to stick with a pro’s overall reputation. There are always going to be new faces in the game and some of these young guns are really good. However, time-tested results offer the best return. Use a capper that has a betting system that has generated profit for years.

One of the most respected pro handicappers in the game is willing to post the fact that he has produced a winning return in three of the last four football seasons. He does not lead with his winning record over his last 10 high-unit plays.

This guy is banking on his reputation over the past decade or so to market his 2021 football season selection package. He also knows the risk involved when it comes to sports betting in general.