Raise Your Betting IQ by Learning from Pros

It’s time we raise your betting IQ! Whether you are brand new to sportsbetting or a veteran player, there are easy ways to raise your sports betting IQ at little or no cost.

It’s Time to Raise Your Betting IQ

The main reason why today’s sportsbooks and private bookmakers are so profitable? It’s because today’s sports bettors are not all that good. They bet with the public 100% of the time. Lots of times, bettors with their hearts over their heads. They bet to win big on low-percentage wagers.

We are here to make you a smarter bettor!

The list goes on and on when it comes to all the mistakes the average recreational sports bettor makes. In reality, there are a few simple tips that can drastically improve your overall return on investment.

The first tip is to learn from the pros. This does not necessarily mean you have to pay for your picks. Most recreational bettors do not have bankrolls that can justify the added cost of selection packages. However, that does not mean that you cannot get some free advise that will improve the winning percentage of the real money bets you place.

Pick a Handicapper’s Brain

If you ever heard the expression ‘picking someone’s brain’, that is exactly how you can raise your own sports betting IQ. 

Today’s top pro handicappers are always looking for ways to promote their business services. Part of that process is occasionally providing a few free picks. You can use those free picks as part of your betting strategy but that is actually a hit or miss proposition. 

There are no guarantees in sports betting. The simple truth is that even the best pro handicappers are wrong 40 percent of the time. They may go on highly profitable runs now and then but it still comes down to winning two out of every three bets day after day. That can be far more difficult than it seems.


Find Your Betting Base

The break even point for sports bets paying the standard 10% juice is 52.4% by industry standards. The first step to raising your sports betting IQ is to find your current betting base. You need to know what your current winning rate is in order to improve it.

If you are winning between 30% and 40% of actual bets placed, there is some hope but work to be done. If you are winning between 41% and 50% of your actual bets placed, getting past the breakeven point is a realistic goal.

By knowing and understanding your base, you now have a starting point from which you can move forward.

Raise Your Betting IQ – Find Your Strengths & Weaknesses

You should also be able to further breakdown your actual results. Then, you can develop a valid winning rate by each individual sport.

After that, you can come up with a rate for specific betting options. The deeper you can define these results, the easier it will be to capitalize on your strengths while improving your weaknesses. The more info you have, the easier it will be to raise your betting IQ.

You may find your are making too many speculative wagers. Big returns on parlay plays come with bigger betting risk. The pros tend to stay away from parlays because they are low-percentage plays.

As mentioned, a pro understands that if they can win two out of every three individual wagers placed, they will produce a very profitable return.

Pros also use a unit system to place their bets. The higher the confidence in the bet, the higher the units.

Finally, pros stay away from speculative bets and action for the sake of action. If they do not get the spread, total line or money line they are looking for, they simply pass on betting that game.