How to Bet Multiple Sports With Free Pro Picks

Let’s talk about where to find and how to use free pro picks. If you know where to look, there is an unlimited supply of them. There are a ton of sports handicappers that give picks to get their name out there.

Your Betting Board is Growing

November rolls around and the betting board at your favorite online sportsbook explodes with college football and basketball games on the amateur level complemented by a wide array of betting options for NFL, NBA and NHL games.

Throw in betting options for secondary sports such as soccer, golf, tennis, boxing and MMA fighting and there is almost an endless supply of sports and sporting events to wager on this time of the year.

Even the most avid sports bettors would have a tough time keeping up with a premium betting service. Unless you have an unlimited amount of cash and all the time in the world, there would be some major waste along the way buying multiple pro handicapping selection packages for each of these leagues.

Free Pro Picks vs. Paid Picks

Most of these packages are predicated on betting every selection released at the recommended unit play to maximize value. Pro handicappers shoot for a minimum win rate of 60% across all of their selections over the course of an entire season for just one sport.

It would be next to impossible to pick and choose which pro selections to bet and maintain that type of winning rate over the long haul.

The next best thing is to focus on your favorite betting sport and buy a season-long package of pro picks. This way, you can maximize the value by betting all the selections at the recommended unit plays.

Bookie Alert! Market Multiple Betting Markets With Pay Per Head

Free Pro Picks Keep You in the Loop

The problem with this plan is falling out of the loop with all the other betting sports on the board. Focusing on college football only lasts to the end of the year. The NFL is off the board in early February.

You could put the NBA, NHL and college basketball on the backburner until then. However, some of the best value on the board is early in the season before the Oddsmakers have a chance to react and adjust their betting lines.

The other strategy is to cherry pick the pros through the use of the free picks they offer as a teaser. These free offering are not going to be seven or eight-unit plays of the day. Yet, no pro handicapper is going to release a pick they do not think will win.

You could build your entire sports betting strategy around this concept. Limit your leagues to college football, college basketball, NFL, NBA and NHL games.

Pick a Trusted Pick Site

Using any of the top sports betting sites that release free pro picks, such as Then try and come up with just one strong play each day. It does not really matter which sport. The pick simply needs to have a high level of confidence on your end. 

You can vary the units bet based on your confidence level or you can keep the units the same for every wager placed. Track your results for a month and see where you stand. 

You can tweak the system with different pro handicappers for different sports. It all comes down to how much spare time you have to devote to executing this strategy. 

A key aspect of sports betting to remember is that a 52.4% winning rate at the standard 10% commission is the break even point. Any rate higher than that will result in a positive return on investment.