Picking the Best Sports Handicapper

Here’s how to pick the best sports handicapper.

Key Points

– Finding the best sports handicapper for you takes some effort.

– The best sports handicapper has a long-term winning percentage in a certain range.

Picking the Best Sports Handicapper

If you wager on sports, you may have thought of using a handicapping service. Some sports bettors think they are above buying picks. Others think that doing so is a waste of time and money. Both are wrong.

It’s no different than someone buying stock tips. There are professionals in the industry that have greater success at picking winning bets. If you excel at handicapping and love doing so, maybe you don’t need a service.

However, picking the best sports handicapper can be worth the money, especially for bettors that wager almost every day of the week. The issue is finding which handicapper or handicapping service to use.

Here’s a look at how to line up the best sports handicapper.

Trust and Reputation Go a Long Way

Finding the best sports handicapper is not that much different than hiring a lawn service to cut your lawn or a mechanic to fix your car. 

First, look for a reputable and established sports handicapper or handicapping service. There are services that have been in the industry for years. You aren’t likely to hire a rookie to build your home. You want someone with experience. It’s the same in sports handicapping. 

The best sports handicapper can provide you with their overall success rate, winnings per unit, and other details of what they offer to customers. Handicappers that seem shady should be ruled out right away. Some might not want to give out their winning percentage or only offer winning percentages in certain categories. 

If they aren’t willing to give you the information you want, they probably cannot be trusted and likely do not have a strong reputation in the industry.


The Best Sports Handicapper & Win Percentage

Over the long term, top-notch professional handicapping services have an average success rate that ranges from 53% to 55%. The truth is that a sports bettor must win 52.4% of their bets (assuming standard -110 odds) in order to demonstrate a profit. It’s that simple. Because of this, 53% is the magic number when it comes to turning a profit in sports betting.

The so-called best sports handicapper who claims he wins 70 percent of the time is either talking about a short-term run or he’s lying. Always check when a pick service or handicapper says anything about a winning percentage above 55 percent. 

It’s also wise to avoid being duped by pressure or hard-sell methods. A reliable handicapping service is aware that you need some time to think things over as this is a significant decision for a bettor. Sites that make outlandish claims, such as an 89% winning rate, and then put the pressure on you to sign up right away. should be avoided. 

The “Best” Pick Service

What makes a handicapping service the “best”? It can be challenging to select a handicapping service. How do you identify the best services? How can you tell if a company is a legitimate handicapping provider who does what they say they will? There are many con artists on the Internet that open up shop and just grab people’s money without offering them any genuine goods or services.

Be wary of those types of handicapping services. You should also learn what amenities and services they provide. Will they email you, chat with you, or both? A legitimate handicapping service will undoubtedly be happy to interact with you and react to your inquiries. If they’re not, that ought to raise an alarm.

Do they provide value-based solutions with a guarantee of any kind? The best sports handicapper is someone who offers a guarantee if you end up losing. Some cappers will offer a month of free picks if you don’t win with the package that you purchased. 

The best sports handicapper will offer bettors excellent value. They will have packages for a single day, a week, a month, a sports season, even for a year. Those that want to wager on the NFL can find a capper who specializes in NFL betting that offers a package for the entire season.

What Bettors Receive

What should a handicapping service do for you? You should receive a specific number of picks along with instructions on how many units to bet on each game. For sports betting to be effective, unit distribution is crucial. You will likely find it difficult to recover your losses if you place an excessively high wager, whether it is too many units or simply too much money on the wrong game.

By the way, a sports betting service will determine profitability based on both the games it advises you to wager on and the recommended number of units per wager. If you’re a committed sports bettor, you want any advantage you can get. If the handicapper says this is a max bet, you should follow his advice and place your max bet.

Regular betting is crucial for individuals who want to benefit from using a sports picks service like Action Sports Picks. If you are only betting on one game every now and then, looking for the best sports handicapper might not be necessary. Bettors that consistently place wagers can find that buying picks is worthy and cost-effective. 

Find the best sports handicapper by shopping around. Most handicappers will allow you to subscribe and receive free picks. Check out some of the free picks to get a feel for how well the handicapper does. 

In the end, do your homework and make the best decision possible.