Online Sportsbook Value Bets – NBA Daily Player Props

Let’s talk about NBA daily player props! As one of the biggest professional US sports betting leagues, online sportsbooks go out of their way to build out their betting board for daily NBA games.

Along with each game’s point spread, total line and money line odds, you can find a full list of NBA betting props that cover all the action on the court.


NBA Daily Player Props

A few of the more popular game props cover alternative lines, winning margins and the initial race to 20 points. There are additional props covering each team’s performance as well as some general scoring props such as the highest scoring half.

From a betting value standpoint, props in general offer a good chance to improve your overall win percentage betting NBA games. Breaking things down even further, the best value can be found in betting player props.

When it comes to wagering on NBA player props, the options are almost endless. Prop odds cover basic performance measures such as the OVER/UNDER on points, rebounds, steals and block shots.

Betting Performance Combinations

You can also bet on performance combinations such as points and rebounds or steals and blocks. There are YES/NO options for double-doubles and triple-doubles. You can also bet on which player will score the most points, grab the most rebounds and dish out the most assists.

By turning to the right online books, you can basically build an entire NBA betting strategy around these types of options.

The built-in edge leans towards the bettor when it comes to player props. The online books are more concerned about balancing out the action across all of their prop bet options. By only focusing on NBA player props, you can pick and choose your spots.

Betting odds for player props tend to focus on historical averages and overall season performances. If Stephen Curry is averaging 30 points a game, the OVER/UNDER on his total points scored in tonight’s game will most likely be close to that average.

NBA Betting Strategy

Every NBA player goes through hot and cold streaks throughout the regular season. The trick to finding the best value in NBA daily player props is focusing on high-profile players when they are hot and when they go cold. 

You can focus on the OVER in certain performance measures during these hots streaks while turning to a bet on the UNDER for the same performance measures when they go cold.

You can also increase the betting value of player props by closely examining the particular game matchup. Some matchups favor a big night while others could keep a player’s performance below expectations.

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Playing a game at home verse on the road can also have a big impact on a player’s game stats. It is easy to track game stats for the year to try and find some patterns between the two.

By focusing on current form verse season averages, game matchups and playing venue, it becomes rather easy to come up with at least one or two strong plays for NBA player props each day.

By narrowing this betting focus to players as opposed to team bets, you can maximize the value in every prop bet placed. Basketball, even at the pro level, is unpredictable at times given the nature of this team sport.

Predicting a player’s results as far as specific performance measures is a bit easier to do without all the moving parts involved. Stay tuned for even more information on NBA betting and NBA daily player props.