Improve Your Bookie Business With Better Bookie Software Solutions


The pay per head business model is rather universal throughout the industry, but is a must if you’re looking to improve your bookie business.

A private bookie pays a set weekly fee based on the number of active bettors they have. If you are paying $10 per head for your plan and 50 customers place bets, the total cost of your pay per head services that particular week would be $500.

The beauty of this business model is two-fold. First, you are only paying for what you use. Second, your cost of service becomes rather predictable over time so it can be built into your entire cost structure.


Improve Your Weekly Plan

Unfortunately, this predictability often times leads to complacency when it comes to the quality of your bookie services package. A number of today’s pay per plans do a sufficient job in providing what you need to run and manage an independent bookie business. Yet, the sites at the top of the list have created a clear separation in quality from the pack.

By improving the quality of your weekly plan, you can also increase the productivity of your overall business performance. What you pay for your weekly plan is not as nearly important as what you get for that weekly cost.

The best bookie services providers in today’s pay per head marketplace have a way of standing out from all the rest. They will 100% aid you if you want to improve your bookie business.

What Makes a PPH Special

They are the ones with the necessary experience and level of expertise to produce superior sports betting software solutions while backing them up with professional business support. These PPH services also offer a high level of reliability that ensures your business will remain up and running online at all times.

Another important aspect of your pay per head operating system is security. You need a service that can guarantee that every daily online transaction is processed in a safe and secure manner.

The entire sports betting industry continues to grow and expand at an accelerated pace. Unfortunately, this tremendous pace of growth attracts pay per head services looking for the quick buck.

Improve Your Bookie Business

The basic PPH sites turn to generic online betting software applications without making the necessary investments in vitally important infrastructure, online technology and in-house business support.

This leads to inferior bookie services that may be offered cheap up front only to cost you more money in the long run.

You should always hold your pay per head service to the highest standards possible. If there are persistent issues with your current bookie services provider, it is time to move on.

Too many private bookmakers make the mistake of signing on with the wrong pay per head site and then compound the problem by failing to make a change.

Always Be Evaluating

Whether you are just starting out or running an established book, you own it to yourself to perform a thorough evaluation of your current business situation. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with your current pay per head provider, you should be committed to finding a better source for all your bookie software solutions. RDGCorp is a great option to start looking.

You need to treat this as one of the most important business decisions you will ever have to make. It is the type of business decision that you will want to get right the first time. However, if there is a need for a change, the best services in the game can make that changeover seamless.

The entire sports betting industry is also changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Your pay per head provider should be leading the way through this evolution process as opposed to trying to keep pace.