Earn Big With a Small Bookie Business

Don’t be fooled, small bookies can earn a great deal of income if the cards are played correctly. Bookies often feel as if they will never grow and even if they do grow, they feel as if the money will never show up. One of the frequent mistakes that bookies make is impatience. If you want success in this business, then you will learn patience quickly. The good news is that you can still make money being a small-time bookie. There are a few tricks to know and it all starts with patience and honesty.

How to earn big money as a small-time bookie

1. Honesty: Honesty goes a long way with betting clients. If you care about  building a great reputation and great review, then you will hold yourself to an impeccably high standard. Never give up on your integrity.

There are times when you may be tempted to cut corners because that’s the easy thing to do – don’t do it. We are certainly not the morality police; however, we do have the experience in this business to know that honesty is king, and in all things. If you say you will pay on a given day, pay on that day. If you say there is no remaining rollover for the bonus, then there is no more rollover. Clients despise “shady”. Always be up-front, and honest without leaving doubt in the client’s mind that you are a bookie to be trusted.

2. Set competitive line and odds: You must be competitive with your daily lines or your business will fail quickly. You may be honest, but that never makes up for bad lines. Remember, this is the gambling business and bettors are investing their money in hopes of beating you. Bettors will leave you for a point here and a point there.        

Setting lines and odds is not an easy task and you had better be on point. You are most likely not an experienced oddsmaker or line mover. Find someone that is of better yet, find a great pay per head to do this daily chore for you. Setting lines and odds can be time-consuming but the lines must be set early and daily.

3. Set player limits: You must know where each player stands on an up-to-the-minute notice. You must keep a watchful eye for sharp players. They do exist and they can beat you from time to time. You are the boss of the operation so be sure that you set proper limits and know exactly what players are beating you and what players are losing.

4. Set a fantastic working budget: You must have a handle on where every penny goes and why it went there. You must know how much your daily winnings are vs. your daily losses. You must also learn to save for a rainy day because it’s a guarantee that a rainy day will eventually come your way and you don’t want to be smacked upside the head!

5. Offer the best client services that any small bookie can honestly offer and deliver on the promises. Offer a toll-free number that’s accessible from the United States, offer a call center that allows clients to pick up a phone and speak with gaming knowledgeable, English speaking agents.

Bookies have a tough job and we are certainly not going to sugarcoat your responsibilities. What you must do is learn great management skills and people skills to boot.

*An online presence is mandatory. If for any reason, you decide that not placing your business in the hands of the worldwide web is a bad idea, then you should probably rethink your calling as a bookie! The best place to be is on the internet because you can rest assured that most gamblers are online. There is great reason to be on the internet and the first would be for the convenience of your players. Your players don’t want to call you all hours of the night, they want to place wagers and who knows where you might be, probably sleeping as normal people do. Find an online presence and your life as a bookie will change. Find a fantastic pay per head and start your free trial today. You will be amazed at the efficiency and you will never go back to the old way. Your clients will love you.


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