Online Sportsbook Rules | Online Account Security

Any time you make a transaction online you want to rest assured that it was completed in a safe and secure manner. Identity theft and cyber fraud remain major concerns for any company offering a product or service through the Internet. Fortunately, today’s major advances in cyber security have been able to limit the amount of online fraud that does take place.

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The online sportsbook industry takes online security and fraud prevention very seriously given the nature of their business. To protect their business interests as well as the personal data of their betting customers, certain rules have been put in place to enhance security.

The first step to opening an online betting account at any sportsbook is a registration process that verifies all of your personal information. You will need documented proof of your age, identity, address and banking methods. Acceptable forms of ID include:

– Photo ID

– Drivers License

– Current Passport

– Other Government Issued Identification

You will also need to verify your address through the recent bank statements and utility bills. To establish approved payment methods you can use bank information and valid debit/credit cards. Most books require that any documents submitted for verification of address and payments be less than three months old.

Any photo ID’s submitted for verification purposes cannot be expired. Most books will also require multiple forms of ID to verify age, identity, address and payment methods. Online screenshots of information will not be accepted nor will any document that appears to be altered in any way.

The verification process is quick and easy with top online sportsbooks

The verification process is quick and easy with top online sportsbooks

All documents submitted for the verification process must be genuine. Any documents that appear to have been altered or tampered with could result in a security investigation. This could end up having an impact on your ability to register with other online books. In rare cases, a book may require all submitted documentation to be endorsed by a lawyer or notary service. Any costs associated with this requirement fall back on the person opening the online betting account.

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Many times the actual verification process is conducted by an authorized third-party service. By submitting your personal information, you agree and understand this is the case.

This may sound like a rather stringent process to register for a betting account, but these rules are put in place to protect both parties from online fraud and other forms of cyber theft.

It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure that all submitted information remains up to date. You would need to notify your online book of any change in address or changes to any means of payment. You should have the ability to manage your online betting account through your account profile.

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Any account opened with the use of a PO Box must also include a physical street address, rural route or service road number.

Most books will not accept online betting accounts in the name of a company or corporation. These are seen as personal online betting accounts tied to one particular person. Any deposits into an account or requested withdrawals can only be made by the person to whom the account is registered. No third part requests will be honored. The use of a spouse’s or partner’s account is also prohibited.

A few other security measures that are put in place to protect both parties include:

– Betting accounts can only be used by the registered bettor. Bets can not be placed for a third party.

– No one outside the registered bettor should access an online betting account.

– Operators of sportsbooks and any sportsbook employee are prohibited from opening a betting account at another online sportsbook.

Posted May 17th, 2019