Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: December Sports

Ummmm, December sports … one of our favorites. The final sports betting month of the year could be the best of the 12. Since there is so much going on in December, it becomes easy to find something of interest to bet on every day of this month.

December Sports for All Bettors

The big question for both beginning and veteran US bettors is where should I place my sports bets? The answer to that question hinges on two distinctly different options. Today’s marketplace for betting on sports can be split into two available segments.

The first segment includes a list of top-rated global offshore sportsbooks. Located offshore in very favorable jurisdictions for sports betting, these sites offer an international appeal while more than covering all the bases in the US sports betting market.

The other segment is filled with US-based sportsbook operators that are still very new to the game. These online books have been around for less than four years. For many of these operators, this is just the first or second December they have been in business in the US marketplace.

Industry Experience is King

One of the biggest edges that offshore books continue to hold over their US counterparts is industry experience. When December rolls around, that experience can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to US sports bettors.

It does not matter which state you happen to be in as you travel around this month. You can bet on the biggest games from anywhere you can access the internet. This includes placing mobile bets through a handheld device.


Not all US-based operators are in every state. Access becomes a major issue when college bowl season gets underway. Given the spotty coverage, you have to hope your travel plans take you to a state with actual betting coverage.

December Sports – Competitive Betting Lines

There are any number of ways that offshore books make the most of their edge against the US competition. One glaring example is competitive betting lines. 

The offshore books do not have huge advertising budgets that cut deep into their monthly betting hold. They can afford to offer parlay bets with a higher boost in the potential return. These books can also offer more reduced juice options that lower your financial risk on bets that do not grade out in your favor.

Offshore books want you to win big with higher betting limits. Their overall edge in economies of scale give them much more leeway when it comes to betting limits on December’s biggest games.

Massive Betting Market at Offshore Books

Are you the type of avid sports bettor looking to take advantage of everything December has to offer? Offshore books also have the clear edge in the variety of leagues and betting markets offered. Using more than one sportsbook gives even more variety.

This is especially true when it comes to the depth, range and scope of daily prop bets for all the games. The oddsmakers at offshore books are only limited by their imagination. The oddsmakers at US books have to consult each state’s list of rules and regulations before setting their betting board.

The primary reason anyone bets on sports is to add more fun and excitement to the sports. The games played by teams and players they love to watch the most. The highest rated offshore books have been catering to US sports bettors for more than two decades. That covers quite a few Decembers and all the betting action this month brings to the table.

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