Improve Bettor Acquisition Through Pay Per Head


The right PPH service lets you improve bettor acquisition. They do this by running your bookie business, while you grow your client base.

If you are just starting out as a private bookie, you are always looking to expand your active betting base. By building a bigger weekly betting handle, you can also build your betting hold and bottom-line profit.


Find Active Bettors

As your business grows and your weekly betting volume becomes more stable, your business goals begin to shift. While you are still looking to expand your betting base.

You are more focused on the quality of your active betting clientele than the actual quantity of bettors you work with. This focus is key to improve bettor acquisition.

The pay per head (price per head) bookie software services needed to run and manage your own independent sportsbook are tailored for this business model. You only have to pay a weekly fee for each active betting customer. That weekly fee is set at a fixed rate regardless of each customer’s individual betting volume.

Given this particular business model, your net profit is driven by overall betting volume, not overall active customers. For example, if you have 100 active sports betting customers at $10 per head in PPH fees, the weekly cost of services would be $1000.

Improve Bettor Acquisition & Instantly Increase Profits

If those same 100 bettors averaged $100 a week in betting volume. Your weekly sports betting handle would be $10,000.

Assuming an average hold of 10%, your gross profit on that handle would be $1000. Subtract out your weekly Price Per Head costs of $1000 and you are basically just breaking even.

There’s a more profitable approach to running and managing your own private bookie business. It would involve fewer active betting customers with higher betting potential.

Suppose you only had 10 active betting customers at $10 per head. The cost of your weekly PPH plan is now just $100.

Suppose those same 10 bettors averaged $1000 weekly in wagers. Your betting handle remains the same at $10,000. However, on the same 10% hold, you are walking away with $900 a week in net profit.

Get the Most Out of Every Player

The actual size of your active betting base is not as nearly as important as the profit potential for each active bettor. Working with the right pay per head site, you can build out your betting board to maximize the potential of each active bettor you work with.

With the ability to set up both credit and betting limits through PPH individual account profiles. It ensures that each of your customers are betting within their means. In the end, this greatly helps improve bettor acquisition.

You have the ability to offer a sports betting board that rivals even the biggest commercial sportsbooks. Doing this ensures that you are meeting and exceeding the sports betting needs of your entire active betting base.

Expanded pay per head gaming options is your ticket to the fast track.

More Betting Options Means Improve Bettor Acquisition

Today’s higher volume players are looking for the added level of customer service and personal attention detail that you can offer as a private bookie. However, they are also looking for all the added conveniences that an online commercial book can offer. This includes round the clock mobile betting as well as fast and easy access to a wide variety of leagues and betting markets.

By working with a quality pay per head provider. You can level the competitive playing field against the commercial online sportsbooks while elevating the entire online sports betting experience you can offer.

By operating your pay per head bookie business on a highly professional level. You will be able to attract higher volume players to the bookmaking services you offer. All this is key to improve bettor acquisition.