How to Open a Successful Bookie Operation


Most sports bettors have at some point in their life thought about opening their own bookie operation. However, for most of them, it is just a pipe dream that will never come true. This is because to open a successful bookie operation, a person requires knowledge, time, hard work, luck and money.

However, if you feel that you have what it takes to open your own bookie website then keep on reading.

The truth of the matter is that opening a sportsbook is much easier than you think. For example, contrary to popular belief, the capital necessary to be a bookie is not millions or hundreds of thousands.


This is because bookies no longer need to buy betting software or use an expensive white label sportsbook solution. Instead, thanks to modern bookie pay per head technology, bookies can pay a small weekly fee for their active players. In exchange for that fee, they get access their sports betting software, various gambling options, customer support and more. Thus, a bookie can Open a Successful Bookie Operation with only a few thousand dollars.

Steps to Starting a Successful Bookie Operation

Using the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution

The smart bookie will use the Pay Per Head solution. This is because they are one of the top Pay Per Head provider in the business and are known for quality service at an affordable price.

Even though they beat the competition by only charging $5 per active player, this does not mean they have an inferior product. On the contrary, they use the best sports betting software and platform with reliable and flexible features.

This is in addition to having 24/7 customer service, online and telephone wagering and a 99.9% uptime. Furthermore, your player will have access to sports betting, live betting, online casino, live dealer casino and a racebook. They have no hidden fees which means $5 per player is all you pay for it all!

Key Points to Become a Successful Bookie

You now know that becoming a bookie with a Pay Per Head provider is fairly easy. However, being a successful bookie a completely different endeavour. Like any other business, success comes from hard work, know-how and the right strategy. The following key points to become a successful bookie will help you do just that.

Provide Professional Service with a Personal Touch – The easiest way to get new bettors for your sportsbook is through referrals. Therefore, by providing a professional service while at the same time knowing and acknowledging your current clients, they will refer you to their friends. For you, this means free advertising and a steadily increasing number of clients.

Think Long Term – Everyone wants to see their company grow at a fast rate but is it really the smart thing to do? Think long term and have a plan for a steady growth rate. This will allow your company to have a strong foundation which will pay off when you do make the move to grow bigger.

Take Calculated Risks – Once your sportsbook starts to grow and you are financial stability, you will have to make difficult decisions. This will be between taking a risk or playing it safe. When that time comes, make your decision based on logic and not on emotions.

Never Stop Learning – In today’s fast pace of sports betting, you have to know the industry better than your clients to be successful. As the industry keeps growing in terms of technology and news way to bet, you have to be on top of your game. Thus, improving your knowledge base will make your sportsbook operation a success for years to come.

Now that you have learned everything you need to know, head on over the Price Per Player and get started today.