Picking the right Sportsbook for Football

The long-awaited football season is finally here and it’s time to find the right online sportsbook. There are many good ones and there are many bad ones. The trick is finding the good ones. The never-ending question is this; “big box” or the smaller guy? Do you go with the Walmart of the online industry or do you go with one of the smaller online bookies that have built a great reputation?


The Problem With “Walmart”—

Practically everyone shops there because there happens to be one right down the street. It’s easy, quick, and convenient to your location and it’s a habit. Even though you hate contributing to someone that you know doesn’t care one iota about you personally, you do it anyway simply for the convenience.


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This is the same concept with online sportsbooks. There are the biggies that exist and with every organic Google search, they pop up immediately. They have their place on the list. They have some good things to offer, however, they are incredibly lacking on other things.

The number one complaint about “Walmart’s” of the industry is lack of customer service and bad lines/odds. You for sure want the best lines and odds and you definitely want a customer service dept. that will listen to you when you have a problem.


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Rule of Thumb No. 1: If the bookie that you are interested in does not have a toll-free number that you can call from the United States with industry knowledgeable, English-speaking agents – run form these people, run. Don’t even consider giving these people your hard-earned money. You work hard, you want to play hard with people that have your best interest at heart.

Rule of Thumb No. 2: Look for a great football players bonus. There are big benefits to a solid football bonus. You may think that you are not a bonus player, but you might want to reconsider. With just a simple $100 you can win a lot of money if you play your cards right and play the bonus money first. Look for the bonus and look for great free contests. Why not take the opportunity to win some money with no or little obligation? Look for weekly contests that give you a chance to actually win. There are a couple of great ones online so be sure to find the best.

Rule of Thumb No. 3: Payouts – Make sure the bookie you plan to sign up with has no hidden agenda. Call them, talk to them on the phone before making a deposit and ask them what you must do to be “payout eligible”. Find a bookie that has a stellar reputation for free payouts along with quick payouts. Look for a bookie that offers Bitcoin, as well as all of the other traditional options, but most importantly, look for a bookmaker that actually pays when you beat them.


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There are many online bookmakers. Do your homework and find the right one for you and you will be a winner every weekend and you will love this hobby. Good luck this football season.