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The NFL season starts with 32 teams trying to win enough games to qualify for the playoffs.

It ends with just two teams battling it out for the league title in the Super Bowl.

Pro Super Bowl Picks For the Win

Over the past several decades, the Super Bowl has grown from being the last game of the football season into the biggest single-day sporting event of the year.


The Super Bowl is also the biggest single-day sports betting event of the year. As the final football game of the season, this is also your last chance to win big betting the NFL until the following September.

Regardless of your overall return during the entire NFL season and throughout the playoffs, betting the Super Bowl requires some additional planning and thought. You can go it alone and hope for the best. Or you can turn to the top sports handicappers and buy your picks through a Super Bowl selection package.

Pro Super Bowl Picks & Ask the Bookie

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Strategy For the Super Day

With the right online books in place, you can make the most of your entire Super Bowl betting strategy. Now that you know where you are going to bet on the Super Bowl, you can turn to the pros for keen insight into the game itself.

The Super Bowl features the best team from both the AFC and the NFC in one winner-take-all showdown. You can almost guarantee that the favorite will garner most of the action on point spread bets and the public lean will most likely be towards the OVER on the Super Bowl total line.

The online books are fully aware of this betting phenomenon and they will set their betting lines accordingly. That should add some automatic value to the underdog on the spread or money line and the UNDER on the total.

Super Bowl Betting Menus Can Be Intimidating

The one thing that sets the Super Bowl apart from a typical NFL game is the sheer number of ways you can bet on this one final matchup.

A near unlimited number of props

Game props explode into their own stand-alone betting board. Just about every aspect of this one game both on and off the field is covered through prop bet options. What do you know about betting Super Bowl props?

As a recreational sports bettor, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the almost endless ways to bet on the Super Bowl. That is why turning to pro Super Bowl picks makes the most sense.

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