Expand Your Overall Betting Strategy This Fall

It may be time to expand your overall betting strategy. Exciting times have returned to the sports betting industry after as few years of turmoil.

The current football season has been as thrilling as ever. New powers are starting to make their presence felt in college football. The NFL season is off to a great start with close races in most of the early division standings.

Fall Allows You to Expand Your Overall Betting Strategy

Mid-October marks the start of a new season in both the NBA and NHL. The quest for this year’s MLB World Series title promises to be a good one as the postseason wears on. For the first time in quite some time, all four major US professional leagues have live game action on the board.

This current situation offers a golden opportunity to expand and diversify your sports betting strategy at your favorite online sportsbook. The daily betting board is filled with both betting leagues and betting markets. This expands the value of betting on sports if you know where and how to look.

Using the early results in college football and the NFL, you now have a strong feel for the contenders and pretenders in each league. Through the use of advanced stats, facts and recent betting trends, you can gain a good feel for handicapping the results of any matchup. When you expand your overall betting strategy, be sure they are in a positive way.


However, expanding and diversifying your football strategy is more about how you bet on the games as opposed to simply picking a side on the point spread or the OVER/UNDER on the total line.

Use Game Props and Other Exotic Bets

Game props are an excellent way to double down or even hedge straight bets. If you are looking for the ultimate betting thrill on game day, bet your favorite matchups after the opening kickoff with live in-game dynamic lines.

Moving to the early games in the NBA and NHL, this is a great time of the season to focus on betting underdogs. With each league back to the full 82-game schedule, upsets should be a bit more prevalent with every team coming off an extended offseason break.

Betting underdogs on the money line is a great way to boost your potential return while minimizing the impact of juice or commission on those types of wagers. The NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche might be the favorites to win their respective league title. However, they are both going to lose a few games they were expected to win.

This is a great time of the season to ride hot starts while fading teams with a slow start out of the gate. Unexpected early results have a way of working themselves out as each season wears on. Yet, cashing in a few winning tickets on these unexpected upsets still boosts the betting bankroll.

Expand Your Overall Betting Strategy Gives Long-Term Benefits

Another good reason for expanding your overall betting strategy with early NBA and NHL games is long-term benefits. Too many recreational bettors wait until football season is over before they turn their attention to basketball and hockey. Why start the learning curve in January or February when you can get a strong start out of the gate in the fall?

Along with betting opportunities for all the major sports leagues this time of the year, you can further expand your betting strategy with other sporting events. NASCAR is racing towards this year’s Cup Series title and early November’s Breeders’ Cup is the premier event of the year for betting horses.