Bookies Need To Promote Early Season MLB Action

Early season MLB action can make or break a bookies summer.

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is a busy time on the sports betting calendar. Coming off March Madness for college basketball, bettors start to focus their attention on the upcoming NBA playoffs. The postseason in the NHL is another popular betting option this time of year.

Individual sports such as golf, tennis, boxing and MMA fighting starts to heat up with some of the biggest events of the year. Horse racing moves front and center in the spring with the annual Kentucky Derby as the first of three major graded events in the Triple Crown racing series.

There are a whole list of sports and sporting events on the board to help keep your weekly betting handle strong. One of the biggest opportunities to make money in the spring is Major League Baseball. However, too many bookies fail to fully capitalize on this popular betting sport.

Early Season MLB Action

Other than the excitement of MLB’s Opening Day, baseball tends to take a back seat early in the season in light of everything else that is going on. By building a strong betting base for the games in April, this can carry you through the much slower summer months when all the other major betting sports are ‘off the board.’

The best way to build early excitement for MLB games is by working with the right pay per head site to build out your board.


The MLB season actually offers the most potential of any of the major sports. The popularity of betting on the NFL will aways keep football at the top of the list. However, MLB’s 162-game schedule guarantees betting action almost every day from April right through October.

MLB Futures, Props, Run Line & More

You need to take the proper steps to capitalize on all this action in every possible way. Most of the action you take in on baseball covers the money line and total line odds for the games. Building added business for betting the MLB run line is a good way to expand your overall handle for betting sides.

Parlay boosters are another way to generate some added betting action in the daily schedule of games. Working with the right pay per head bookie services provider, you can add in a few daily MLB specials to help pique more interest from your betting base.

Game props are an excellent addition to the MLB betting lineup given how much ground these betting options cover. You can also look for ways to generate interest in live in-game bets on daily MLB games. Today’s advanced gaming software technology along with sophisticated gaming software solutions have taken live betting on the games to a whole new level.

Don’t Lose Out on Early Season MLB Action

The ultimate goal is to build out a betting board that completely levels the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks. You still have to compete against them. Early season MLB action is where it’s at.

Why run the risk of losing even one MLB bet to competition. Just because of an option that was not available through your bookmaking service? Using a pay per head service levels the playing field. It will make you look like one of the big sportsbooks.

By making a strong commitment to building your weekly MLB handle, you will also be protecting your overall bottom line.

If you wait until the MLB All-Star break to start ramping up your baseball betting efforts, it may already be too late. Build a solid MLB betting base in the spring. It will take some hard work and added effort. But this will pay some major dividends when the dog days of summer finally roll around.