To succeed at anything, you have to have the right tools. The same can be said for the betting tools used by the pros.

You can’t change a tire without the car jack and the tire iron. You need the right financial analysis tools to pick the right purchases in the stock market.

The same is true for professional bettors. The pros aren’t simply making wagers and winning by chance. They are taking advantage of the resources available to them in an effort to increase their winning percentage. These days, there is a wealth of information that bettors can use before making a bet.

Statistical Services

There are a number of websites that contain databases full of statistical information for just about any sport you can imagine. Sports bettors can gain valuable information by examining these numbers and any trends that are identified. This information can be used in predicting the outcomes of future games.

Bettors can compare historical records, head-to-head results, margins of victory, and much more. Using the data provided by these services, the betting pros make sound, calculated betting decisions and win. 

Betting Calculator Tool

Depending upon the bet type and the betting system used by the pro, there may be a need for a betting calculator. Smarter bettors may be able to do simple calculations in their heads, but others may need a calculator tool.

Some calculations are harder than others making a calculator useful. All the tool does is calculate the profit/loss that a bettor stands to make/lose with specified odds, bet type, and the amount of the bet.

Live Odds

Bettors know that finding the best odds can be the key between a win, a loss, or a push. There are numbers of apps that track live betting odds for the NFL, NBA, college football and basketball, and more. 

The pros will track odds for the games and events that they plan to bet. Many of these apps offer the ability to set up alerts. Bettors are instantly notified when the odds on a certain contest move. Wagers can then be made accordingly.

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Buying Sports Picks

It’s somewhat of a less-talked about tool, but professional bettors can enlist the services of a handicapping site to help them in placing winning bets. There are professional services in the industry made up of experts that put together quality information that can be used to make betting predictions.

Sports handicappers or handicapping pick sites will provide in-depth analysis and sports betting picks for a fee. Professional bettors can utilize these services to assist them in placing their bets. 

The idea, of course, is that professional handicappers spend their time and energy doing all sorts of research poring over mounds of data to make a betting decision. The pros can save time by using the handicapper’s advice in making betting decisions.

These are some of the tools used by betting professionals in the industry. Just like any industry, success can be hard to come by, but the right set of tools can put one on the path to a higher winning percentage and a bigger bankroll.