Pay Per Head Live Bet Tickers for the NFL Playoffs


The betting season for the NFL is down to just seven games not counting this year’s Pro Bowl. The four matchups in this weekend’s Divisional Round will set the stage for the following Sunday’s conference title games in both the AFC and NFC. From there, it is two weeks of madness and mayhem of sports betting leading up to the Super Bowl as the biggest single-day sports betting event of the year.

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook with the help of a quality Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider, the next few weeks could mean the difference between another highly profitable run through the NFL season and an early financial hole that could be tough to climb out from if the action gets the best of you.

One of the most important online betting tools that your price per head shop provides for the low, weekly fee they charge for your active sports betting cliental is a Live Bet Ticker. This shows you all the action coming in on the games in real time on an account-by-account basis. The NFL playoffs create an often-times precarious situation where every sports bettor is focusing all of their attention on just a handful of games.

Last weekend’s Wild Card Round should have provided a deep profit to your bookie business’s bottom line with all four road underdogs covering the closing spread while three of the four games stayed UNDER the closing total line. The luxury of having a live bet ticker in place gives you the ability of staying way out in front of all the betting action coming in. If your particular betting cliental are typical sports bettors, there should have been a heavy lean towards all the favorites, especially Kansas City and Jacksonville, which attracted quite a bit attention as heavy favorites at home.

This weekend’s Divisional Round may or may not follow suit with some solid home favorites on the board along with a rare road favorite in Atlanta. By closely monitoring where the money is going for each of these games on an account-by-account via your Pay Per Head live bet ticker, you will always have the proper insight on how and when to move your own betting lines or change any of the NFL offerings on your betting board. The last thing that you want to do this week is to give back any of the profit you already took in for the opening round of the NFL playoffs.

The other huge benefit of having a live bet ticker in place for all the NFL postseason action you take in is the ability to use this business tool to adjust any credit and betting limits that may already be part of the individual account profiles in place for each of your betting customers. By knowing the exact position that each of your customers is in when it comes to these heavily bet games, you will be able to act accordingly to avoid any negative exposure that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Live bet tickers are an integral part of risk management as a private bookmaker and it is just one of the many vital real-time business analytics that your PPH service has in place to help you successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook. As the managing agent, the profit and loss of your business still rests squarely on your shoulders, but it is nice to know that you do have a valued business partner in your Pay Per Head site helping you every step of the way.