Betting NFL Reduced Juice Options

While nobody bets a game to lose, this is an unfortunate part of the sports betting game. To help your return on investment, it’s time to look at betting NFL reduced juice options.

What is the Juice?

Most times that loss is accompanied by a 10 percent commission, which is also referred to as the ‘juice’ on a bet. Over the course of an entire season, that juice can add up to quite a bit of money depending on your betting style.


Offshore sportsbooks catering to the US market through online betting sites have far more flexibility when it comes to betting options and betting lines. The US online books are bound by the regulations in each state they operate in. They also have to squeeze as much juice as possible out of every bet given the high tax rate they pay on the revenue taken in.

This added flexibility creates some high value betting opportunities on a regular basis. This is especially true during the football season as the most heavily bet sport in the US market. Whatever the case, always ask yourself, did your online sportsbook make the grade?

Reduced Juice Betting Options

One great way to lower the amount of commission you pay on your bets is ‘reduced juice’ betting options. The online books will often post specific bets for specific sports that lower the juice you pay. However, you can find betting NFL reduced juice options for straight bets on NFL sides and totals every week of the season.

As opposed to moving the spread or total line up of down to move money one way or the other, certain online books will simply shift the juice charged for certain bets. Below is an example of a standard line and a reduced juice option.

Standard Pointspread Bet

Cleveland Browns +3 ½ (-110)

Pittsburgh Steelers -3 ½ (-110)

Reduced Juice Pointspread Bet

Cleveland Browns +3 (-105)

Pittsburgh Steelers -3 (-115)

In the first example, the spread moves a half point in Cleveland’s favor. As a reduced juice option, you can bet the Browns plus three points at just five percent commission. To bet the Steelers in this game, your juice increases to 15 percent.


Moving the juice is actually another handicapping tool to move money one way or the other. In this case, the book is making Cleveland more attractive with lower commission as opposed to adding on the extra half point to the spread.

You can find numerous reduced juice options for NFL games at online books that use this type of handicapping tactic. The best value each week is normally found on the NFL total line. Using the same example above, the reduced juice option on the total line might read:

Cleveland Browns Over 51 (-115)

Pittsburgh Steelers Under 51 (-105)

In this example, the lower commission applies to the total bet on the UNDER.

Shop For Reduced Juice

If you have multiple online betting accounts, shopping for reduced juice options on your weekly bets makes all the sense in the world. As mentioned, certain online books make a habit of moving juice around on a wide variety of NFL games. Once you decide how you plan to bet a game, you can shop your available online sportsbooks for the best numbers.

Saving five percent on the juice you pay for a losing bet may not sound like that much money. However, over the course of an entire season this could turn out to be a substantial savings depending on your betting volume.

Even the best NFL bettors are still going to lose around 35 percent of their bets. Your losing percentage might end up quite a bit higher.