Did Your Online Sportsbook Make the Grade in 2019?

The end of any year is a great time to look back and grade performances. If you love to bet on sports, this is the time of the year when you should evaluate your overall return as well as how you did with each individual sport you bet on. Did Your Online Sportsbook Make the Grade in 2019?

Generating a strong winning percentage across the board can be hard to do. By analyzing your betting results, you can determine your own strengths and weaknesses throughout the entire sports calendar year. The overall grade would then hinge on how much you won (or lost) betting sports in 2019.

Sports in 2019

Sports in 2019

You should also set the grades for any online sportsbook you used over the past year to place your bets. Most recreational bettors tend to stick with just one online sports betting outlet while more active bettors might rely on multiple sources throughout the year. Regardless of where you placed the bets, each site should be evaluated across levels such as:

  • Valid Bonus Offers and Promotions
  • Overall Betting Options
  • Banking Methods (Especially Withdrawals)
  • General Customer Service
  • Added Extras, Offers and Contests

The best online sports betting sites in the industry score high grades across all of five of those categories, so the big question becomes how did your online book measure up in 2019?

When it comes to bonus offers and promotions, this is definitely a quality vs. quantity issue. Some books offer a number of lucrative bonus offers throughout the year but meeting the stringent redemption requirements make them extremely hard to collect.

Something as simple as reduced juice (commission) on specific bets can be far more valuable then a free cash bonus on an added deposit. Paying less commission over a wide range of bets is like money in the bank due to real time savings. Having to bet more to get more is not always as beneficial as it seems.


Diversity across the betting board is another big plus for online books. While most of the action still gravitates towards straight bets on the sides and total, having added options such as moneylines and first half odds are good to have when the timing is right. A large selection of futures odds and props is another good way to change things up from a betting strategy standpoint.

Top Sportsbooks for 2020

Most of today’s top-rated online sportsbooks do offer a wide range of options to fund an online betting account as well as request withdrawals. The main things to take into consideration range from the time it takes to complete any transaction to the actual fees charged based on the method. If you are paying $50 in fees each time you request a withdrawal, that is going to cut into a rather large amount of your winnings across an entire calendar year.

Stop Overpaying Fees

Stop Overpaying Fees

Most of you online sportsbook transactions can be completed online without the assistance of an actual representative. However, it is still important to have access to someone if a question, issue or concern should arise. You do not want to find out after that fact that it is next to impossible to access help when you need it. All the best books remain committed to quality customer service on a continual basis.

Sometimes it is the extras that can make the biggest difference when it comes to your online sports betting experience. These intangibles tend to separate the top betting sites from the rest of the pack. From weekly contests for all the major betting sports to added offers around special betting events, the extras can add up to real savings or added money in your betting account throughout the year.

By Dave Schwab